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Abante Barangay Advocacy

A pledge by each Filipino not to throw garbage recklessly is an initial but important step towards protecting our environment.

We all know that individual responsibility in taking care of our planet translates to a conscious decision to throw our trash in the proper garbage bin every time.

The junk food wrapper that we toss out the car window. The empty can we throw over our backyard fence. The gum we stick under the seat. These acts -- and most likely only the individual knows what is happening -- shows personal irresponsibility.

We can swear in front of everybody our commitment to Mother Earth. But one irresponsible act of recklessly throwing away junk tells us we lied.

The recent floods in Metro Manila again demonstrated to all Filipinos that the rubbish disposed irresponsibly at the country's national capital region returned with a vengeance.

In signing this pledge, we signify that we know the consequences of throwing garbage recklessly and manifest that change will start with us now.

This written online pledge is a public commitment to do a responsible act even when no one else is around.

This is because we love the Philippines, We love Mother Earth. We love God and all His creations.

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