ABA, Autism Therapies, and Disability in-network choices

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Autism families and families with Children that have disabilities deal with enough stress, heartache, and struggles without the added financial problems that comes with therapy.  Often times the best therapies and therapy centers are not covered in network because insurance companies will only allow a certian number of contracts in a given area. This causes many families to seek substandard care which may take much longer for the child to show progress in therapy. Many families will spend their life savings and every penny that they earn to still provide those expensive Therapies out-of-network for their children. I would like to Champion a petition for legislation that would require insurance companies to allow in network for all therapy centers that meet State requirements. The family's choice is the one that matters. Families should not have to go bankrupt providing therapy they know they need. Each child is different and needs different personalities to work with. A mother or father knows the needs of their child best and should be allowed to choose a therapy center that they feel comfortable with without having to worry if they're in network work. As part of this legislation, I would like insurance companies to be required to cover therapy for autistic kids without limitation. Today 1 in 20 boys are diagnosed with autism. Overall the numbers are 1 out of 32. We cannot continue to disservice these families and these kids by making them wait for what they need. The earlier the intervention the greater the quality of life and success. Not all interventions and therapy centers are created equal, therefore more choices must be given without the penalty of out-of-network prices. Please join me in signing this petition to get the recognition of our government to do something about this.