AAU: Don't Reduce Class Hours

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Dear Academy of Art University,

As students, time with our instructors is the foundation of our education. The school has recently reduced the 6 hour studio classes we registered for to 4.5 hours for future semesters starting with this Summer. Classes were put up for registration, students registered, and after students registered, the school cut class hours with no change in tuition. This is not the service we agreed to pay for by registering and directly reduces the quality of our education which profoundly affects students skill growth.

Reducing class hours doesn't just harm the quality of education we receive, it also results in lower wages for the adjunct instructors and models the school relies on and who are historically underpaid across the country already. Thus, it will be even less attractive to be an adjunct instructor at AAU. Losing highly skilled adjuncts in combination with shorter classes makes coming to AAU as a student less attractive as well. This would create a downward spiral that is very bad news for the future of AAU.

As this would have such a broad sweeping negative impact to us the customers of AAU, those who work for AAU, and the future of the school itself, we write this petition to kindly ask AAU to reconsider reducing class hours.


Your Students