AAU: Don't Reduce Class Hours

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Class Schedule Updates

You may have seen the recent email from AAU about class schedule updates.

We have tried to go through proper channels about this, including working with a student representative that has yet to meet with the administration about this issue. AAU emailed the entire school body about this before even meeting with our representation about it. We see the timing of this email as a very disrespectful attempt to shut us down without hearing us.

The email mentions “. . . I believe the upcoming semesters will require innovation.”

Reducing class hours is not innovative.

Students may barely get feedback from an instructor in a six-hour class as it is. If AAU cuts hours and keeps the same amount or adds more students per class, then it will absolutely affect learning the material because we will miss out on feedback loop, and the teacher will be forced to work extra unpaid hours to make up the time.

The email mentions "Technology has improved and we have created more effective ways of teaching which allow us to accomplish more in less time" yet goes into zero detail about how this is meant to be accomplished.

How is technology going to make up for losing 25% of our class time in a zoom or onsite classroom?

While drawing from a live model with charcoal on paper, how does "technology" make that a quantifiably more efficient learning experience to the point of justifying cutting classes short by 25%?

Isn't the need to be drawing constantly exactly what every director tries to hammer into students minds at every single school event? How does AAU reconcile that with cutting classes short?

Why does "innovation" mean shortening classes instead of extending classes?

Expect less, pay more, is not innovative.

If you also have questions and concerns, please email them to Tricia Turney. She is the Executive Administrative Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer and Grievance Coordinator. Please be polite and diplomatic with your email.


If you are more comfortable emailing a student representative, please email Ryan Catallo and she can compile your emails for the administration. She is a student representative in the game department.


Christopher Hayes
1 year ago