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This petition is to President Aaron A. Walton of Cheyney University. This is to address the proposition of the cutting of our beloved football program at Cheyney University in Cheyney, PA. To those of us supporters of the football program and other sports at Cheyney this is unfathomable that you would consider placing a three year moratorium or canceling the program all together after they have been a part of our small community on campus and throughout Cheyney and beyond. It is indeed apparent that the president  does not have any clue the importance of this program to all that have been affected by this special program. Not being from the area or seeming to understand the sport you have no idea the damage that the loss of this program would do to our beloved school and community. If you choose to move forward with this you can expect reprecutions from losing students, lower enrollment and supporters who help fund many programs outside of Football. We are also aware that by cutting football you will have to cut a womens sport(s) because of title 9. Athletics is an extremely important part of Cheyney collegiate experience and lends to the great diversity and multiculturalism that Cheyney  is so proud of. You won't be just harming players and coaches but the endless support staff, tourism, and more. We, the undersigned and supporters of Cheyney football and athletics will not take this lying down. I am sure some of us are curious to see if the higher administration positions are being cut to help us during this "crisis" of funds. 





Save Cheyney Football Program Supporters

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