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Facebook: Prevent Atheists from publishing Blasphemous and Islamophobic content

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Whats Happening?

Several Atheist pages on facebook like Atheist Republic, AtheistQuran, Ex-Muslims of North America etc are spreading hate speech against religions and religious people in the name of freedom of speech. Such pages contain highly controversial, blasphemous and extremely offensive content including graphic images, posts, memes and articles mocking religious Scriptures i.e. Quran and Bible, Prophets and sacred places.

What do we demand?

We demand facebook to immediately shut down/remove such pages because they explicit Islamophobia, extremism, hatred and prejudice against Islam, Muslims and other religions/faiths. Freedom of speech must not be miss-used and miss-understood with freedom to offend, abuse, and torment others. Free speech should be constructive and positive instead of spreading bigotry and destruction. Facebook must take notice of all the unethical and blasphemous content present on such pages as it is spreading outrage among millions of Muslims and other believers.

Why is it important to sign this petition?

Pages like Atheist Republic become a reason people become extremists, racist, intolerant, Islamophobic, destructive and abusive. We strongly condemn all those pages that have hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims by mocking our Prophet, Holy Book and the place of worship. Freedom of speech should not be confused with freedom to abuse.

Sign this petition to show your support. Use the hashtag #RemoveBlasphemousAndIslamophobicContent and ask Facebook to remove such pages

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