Meme Day for our Year 12 last day!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!

We out here hoping to make the most memorable year 12 last day for 2019 and there's only one way we can do this ... with memes!! Now, how can this be achieved? We all need to agree on no offensive memes due to Oxley's guidelines, and if we can follow these guidelines everything will be gucci!

I have decided to make this petition to show Oxley how bad WE, as a year level, need this. My disappointment will be immeasurable and my day will be ruined if Oxley does not allow us (mainly me) to have this theme uwu.

If you're down for the theme to be Memes (vines included, duh), please sign this because honestly there's no better theme than this.

Free coupon to Jones BBQ and Foot Massage to all those who sign this petition <33333333333