AAHOA Member Demand Letter

AAHOA Member Demand Letter

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Ajaykumar Desai started this petition to AAHOA Elected Officers and Managing Members

6 October, 2020


1100 Abernathy Road NE

Suite 725, Atlanta, GA 30328

Elected Officers & Operation and Executive Staff,

Please let this letter serve as a notice of the utmost displeasure that the undersigned members of our organization feel toward the current state of affairs as it stands. Furthermore, this letter should serve as a notice of the utmost lack of faith and a lack of confidence in the leadership of our organization. 

As we look back on the last decade — a period that saw profound changes in the way our businesses are conducted — it is disheartening and infuriating to see how little was done to protect the interest of the members. One of the foundational agenda of our organization is to protect the interest of the members. The leadership has let the franchisors and online travel agencies get a greater advantage over the franchisees and the hotel owners. The content and the language of a recent email that we received from you in response to an event organized by a hotel owners’ organization independent of our organization raises questions about the loyalty of the email’s authors.

For the past few years, almost all the nominees for elected positions have voiced their displeasure at the franchise agreements and the power of online travel agencies over hoteliers. Almost all the nominees have proclaimed bringing to fruition sweeping reforms to remedy the situation.There are a few things that we, the undersigned members, demand that the leadership do within four weeks of the receipt of this letter:

  • Make available the minutes of the past five years of board meetings.
  • Please provide a progress report on the status of the fulfillment of promises made, particularly concerning the franchise agreements and online travel agencies.
  • All AAHOA board meeting agenda(s) must be published at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting. Additionally, all board meetings should be documented on an online platform such as Sunshine for transparency with registered members.
  • We foresee a scenario where the progress report might be pale and embarrassing to the leadership. The leadership may try to find excuses to avoid a response. In that case, please furnish an unconditional apology and resign.
  • This frustration is not limited to the undersigned. It is much more widespread than you may imagine. I urge you to look for a hundred general members who have a hundred percent satisfied with your work. We have spoken our hearts and minds. Now, it is your turn.


AAHOA Members


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!