Get deadly man-made copper out of dog food.

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In 1988, The University of Kentucky conducted a study where they added copper sulfate, which is a growth promotant, to pig feed that improved the rate and efficiency of growth and weight gain in weanling pigs. This improved growth rate allowed industrial swine farmers to move pigs to market faster and increased profitability. Within years, copper sulfate was being added to bovine, sheep and even farm-raised fish feeds.

Growth supplement for livestock created a deadly disease for dogs.
In 1997, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) changed the requirements related to copper supplementation in companion animal diets. The requirements state that when “added” to diets, chelated copper or copper sulfate (man-made coppers) must be used. Studies or feeding trials were never conducted prior to this mandate to see what the long-term effects would be on companion animals. Copper Storage Disease was born.

Copper Storage Disease killed Cookie.
When our dog Cookie became sick and was diagnosed with Copper Storage Disease, it was devastating! As we learned more, we discovered that we were actually contributing to her illness by what we were feeding her—dog food containing chelated coppers. We lost Cookie when she was only six years old.

Our journey to find out more about Copper Storage Disease and the frustrating realization that the main pet food regulatory agency, nor any of the major dog food manufacturers were willing to recognize the disease or make any changes to eliminate the harmful additives being put into their food, forced us to take matters into our own hands.Help us make pet owners aware of the dangers of feeding chelated coppers to their pets and help us get AAFCO and pet food manufactures to change their diets, test their ingredients for purity, so our family pets live long happy, healthy lives.