Better Packaging for Acupuncture supplies

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Dear traditional Chinese Medicine community.
It's time to make a change. We need to start impacting our environments like we do our patients.
Most acupuncture needles can be completely melted Down and reformed back into new needles & other materials.
Still Their is so much left over plastic waste when even using bulk needle options- the guide tube, needle holder, needle ends, the box & needle separation packaging.
Every day we fill bin loads with more plastic landfill that will intimately end up in our soil & oceans.
I urge you to sign this petition for the manufacturing companies to use metal, bamboo, sugarcane, tapioca and areca palm alternatives to make our acupuncture needles holding ends, guid tubes, needle holders, separation packaging and boxes, etc 100% biodegradable or Recyclable products.
Other products already being made include, wooden cutlery, bamboo skewers, paper cups, pine beoats, cones and cups, eco napkins and other biodegradable options.
This is an old and much respected medicine, why not make it earth friendly too.
Hopefully our United voice might help persuade our suppliers and manufactures to change our products to be better at breaking down and creating less waste.