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I want Alex Reid to be treated as an ACTUAL member of BP RANIA! #OT6OrNothing

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Earlier in February 2017 the A1ST made a change when we took on DR MUSIC about how unsatisfied we were with their treatment of current member of BP RANIA, Alex Reid. After not including Alex in the choreography with the rest of the members on all of the live stages with BP RANIA's promotion of "Start A Fire" fans were outraged and boycotted the comeback. It caused such an uproar that INGENIO (company that funds DR MUSIC) stated that "They were sorry for any misunderstanding and that Alex will be included in their follow up promotion". With follow-up promotions for their next single "Make Me Ahh" Alex was included in the whole choreography and fans were satisfied. But with BP RANIA's recent comeback Alex is yet again standing on the sidelines while the rest of her members perform. But DR MUSIC doesn't have a good history of fair or equal treatment.

All the 6 years Rania has been together, DR Music has done the following:

1.They lost 7 members. No original members remain.
2.Disrespected Teddy Riley by using his name to sell Rania without his authorization, which resulted in a loss of a huge opportunity for the girls. Teddy Riley is now with SM Entertainment.
3.Rania has never been promoted correctly, and DR Music does not inform fans of anything. Information can only be collected by finding things out.
4.Didn't sue a sasaeng fan who still harasses the members daily, leaked a comeback song prior to Demonstrate resulting in the comeback being canceled, and harassed fans. They are still in "communication with her" and no action has been done to stop her.
5.Did not provide a Korean teacher for both Alex and Ttabo, resulting in language barriers.
6.Is not providing Alex with the correct visa; every visa she's had has been for less than 90 days.
7.Has never given Alex consistently matching outfits with the rest of the members.
8.Didn't protect Alex when the former choreographer chose to willingly not incorporate Alex in the dance, and paid the new choreographer to only choreograph Beep Beep Beep for five members.
9.Didn't send Alex the choreography while she was trapped in the United States; DR Music refused to give her an airplane ticket back to South Korea until a few days ago. She's been in the U.S. since February, halfway through Make Me Ah promotions.
10.Removed Alex from her co-leader position; the leader now is only Jieun.

This kind of treatment to Alex is UNACCEPTABLE!!! This is disrespectful to Alex, her talent, her time, A1ST, black kpop fans and the black community!!! DR MUSIC is using Alex as a PROP, a marketing tool to create buzz for RANIA so they can suck all the $$$money$$$ they possibly can get out of these women!!! 

I also feel bad for the other members because they are getting tied into this but I wish better treatment to the whole group overall!!!

I want to continue to fight this so I will be participating in the #OT6OrNothing movement. I am also making this petition to send to INGENIO & DR MUSIC!!! I will! Be spreading the word about this cause it has gone on long enough! I also encourage fellow A1STs or kpop fans in general to participate in the movement and boycott this comeback and make your own videos, blog post, petitions, etc... DR MUSIC NEEDS TO KNOW THAT WE MEAN BUSINESS!!! AND UNTIL ALEX IS TREATED LIKE HOW SHE SHOULD BE TREATED WE WILL NOT SUPPORT BP RANIA!!!

A1sts are boycotting the comeback by refusing to watch the MV when it comes out, refusing to stream or purchase the mini-album when it is released, and are not giving DR Music any money until the issues with Alex are resolved. If this results in disbandment of the group, then so be it.

DR Music is fully aware of how the fans feel about Alex's situation, and are actively refusing to do anything about it. Petitions have been made, messages have been sent, managers have been emailed directly. They are set on continuing their discriminatory practices toward Alex.

Fans are using #OT6OrNothing as a hashtag for their boycott.

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