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A woman's right to choose, legalize prostitution this will lower rapes & violent crime.

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The only way to stop sex trafficking and lower the amount of rapes and violent crime in the United States is to legalize it. We average 116,000 rapes per year, Canada only 500 per year and Mexico 12,000 per year. Both places it is legal and regulated. Why hasn't the USA jumped on board yet?

This will also stop the spread of diseases if the sex workers are required to get checked, and get rid of pimps altogether,hopefully! Do you really want the government regulating the internet? This is the only way to stop it. I know they will make so much money from taxing it alone it might put our country out of debt.

Who am I to say a man in his 70's who recently lost his wife to cancer has to go out and find a new girlfriend in order to have sex? Why doesn't he have the right to have sex anymore for the rest of his life because it should be his choice and the choice of the person he is having sex with not the governments choice!

Do you think they would regulate the internet if it was legal? Probably NOT.

A woman's right to chose what she wants with her body means she can sell it if she pleases.

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