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Tuffer laws for anyone charged with child abuse and or neglect causing death to a child.

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Every day children wake up having to hide abuse & pain.. It should not hurt to be a kid.. Every day a child dies at the hands of the one who was supposed to protected them. Babys being murdered every day for no reason and we ask ourselves what is the problem. Their has to be a way to stop this. I believe we need tuffer laws to protect our children. We are there voice together we have to make a change. How is it ok to give a child abuser/murderer 5-20 years for hurting a child. Causing death to a child should automatically be a life sentence. Baby Caliyah was 15 days old when her father murdered her here in Ga.. The fear and thought of him ever coming home is unreal. The thought a person charged with taking a life has the chance to be free is not justice for these children. Please make a #CaliyhasLaw so anyone charged with murdering a child will automatically get life. No questions asked.. Be the change save a life! We need #CaliyahsLaw so all children who lose there lifes can have justice. She deserves justice all our children deserves justice! Anyone who commits child abuse needs 20+ years automatically. Is it fair these children are giving a death sentence at the hands of these monsters but the monster is allowed to walk away free after time served or five years? That is not justice! Please be the change these children need to receive there justice. 

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