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Africa cannot afford to sit on the fence during these Brexit confusion, lest we remain cast in Britain's and/or European Union's shadows and economic chains; The internal arguements going on in the UK and EU parliament's following Brexit is the writing on the wall. When the dust settles after Brexit, no one can predicate what will become of Africa's economic fate, as configured by Britain's hush hush economic heist. History: Our future generations will view our silence as complicity if we fail to act at this historic moment. It is evident that our struggle for liberation struggles and self determination against colonialism, won us political power without the necessary tools for economic sustenance. AFRIXT: Is a platform for Africas collective of goodwill, to come out strong without fear and equal rhetoric to trigger the Africa Union Commission (AUC) in Addis Ababa to act expediously. They should demand a fully funded branch of accountable African representatives to be at the Brexit negotiation forums, veto powers to access and interrogate useful information. Africa must have a voice now. Britain took over Africa's Germany colonies and assets after the war and has since maintained a firm political and economic grip on Africa, with France, Belgium and their sarrogates. It is ironic how Britain has positioned as the credible voice of the donor community, leading scorn at any legitimate African economic emancipation attempts which expose the Elephant in the room. SOUTH AFRICA: The ruling African National Congress (ANC) is a living example how Africas liberation movements are systematically rendered impotent to wrestle back any sustainable economic control from Britain and her sarrogates. ANC's economic promises to the masses leading to Mandela's release have been reduced to the vicious black on black violence which Britain and sarrogates now brand as the struggle for democratic principles. President Jacob Zuma has been exposed to endless and costly litigation at his own government courts, with no room to explain why the economy is still in foreign control. Britain and her sarrogates provide material to "puppet" opposition parties who keep government occupied with useless parliamentary debates. TANZANIA: Despite the widely celebrated no-nonesense leadership of the new President, Dr. John Pombe Magufuli, the donor community didnt hesitate to move the goalpost at the time of need, leaving him high and dry. It is commendable how his staying power maintained policy course, leading the donor community back on the table. CONCLUSION: At this opportune time of Brexit confusion, Afrixt can be the catalyst leading to unveiling crucial information buried in layers of protection agreements, deliberately by Britain and her sarrogates over thr years to compromise and frustrate any daring African government's efforts into an embarraing submission. We witnessed the recent conviction of a 95 year old German man at a European court for war crimes committed during the same war period when these equally devastating economic crimes were commited by Britain and other unscroupolous Europeans against Africa. "What's good for the goose is good for the gander" These devious history has kept Africa bent over on her knees begging to date. The carnage following 1884 - 1886 Berlin Conference to date can be only described as economic genocide. Africans should take a moment to reflect how low we have been reduced. We live cowardly and do little for the human cultures binding us together throughout these onslaught. Any one of us should see the urgent need to set aside our personal differences and act together with one voice, so that Europeans and UK persons of goodwill can see our point and join Afrixt's quest. We can turn around these inhuman economic crimes and move forward together as a new and progressive global community. END.

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