A United "Church of the East" For Upcoming Generations

A United "Church of the East" For Upcoming Generations

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Başlatan: J. Yako

To bring back the dignity of the Church of the East around the world, come and raise your voice.

Since the very beginning of Christianity, the Church of the East has taken apostolicity and the universal mission of Christ upon herself and preached “The Good News” to the East until China. Therefore, in The Church of the East there were shepherds from distant lands and from different ethnic groups.

As a consequence of wars that have occurred around world and tragedies that the Church has encountered, this has given rise to her dwindling, weakening and being faced with difficulties of maintaining her principal mission which is “apostolicity and universality”. In the last thousand years, these internal and external movements around the Church of the East have caused cracks to appear in her wholeness and made way for division. These divided Churches, which certainly have the same roots, same charisma, same religious practices, same worship orders and same liturgical language.

For these divided Churches to come together again upon same basis as they were before has great importance on behalf of Assyrians and on behalf of the Church’s “apostolicity and universality” mission, that is entrusted by the Lord Jesus Christ to maintain the preaching of the “Good News” to all nations of the world -together with all sister apostolic churches-, which is for the salvation of mankind and to inherit eternal life.

A United Church of the East under one Patriarch will led to healing the wounds of the Church of the East.

There are many obstacles that do not desire the union of the Church. "To see” and “to identify” those obstacles, there is a simple determination of the late Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church, Mar Raphael Bidawid.

As per his expression: “Whatever moves us away from this unity is un-Christian.”

To use an old calendar or a new calendar, being from an old tradition or from the new world, do not makes us more Christian than everyone else, for God just wants mankind to be merciful and loving.

Raise your voice to leave a United Church of the East for upcoming generations.


                                                                       J. Yako / ISTANBUL

11 kişi imzaladı. Hedefimiz 25.