U.S. Child Suffocated by Japanese Military Doctors, Japan Police, U.S. Embassy, Media Complicit in inaction, Cover-up of evidence of heinous-Auschwitz like atrocities on a disabled child

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Our son Jimmy is close to dying, and severely suffering in unbearable pain from devastating damage directly linked to atrocities committed, condoned, and covered up -by deliberate inaction- in Japan.  

 When Jimmy was eleven years old, two Japanese military doctors (1) suffocated our 11yr. old child with a plastic bag, until they inflicted severe pediatric brain injury, and then abandoned our only son in critical condition, a vegetative state, with his eyes locked open, and maliciously denied lifesaving medical intervention at the time of the atrocity, and for years after of cruel willful negligence after.    

Because of the plastic bag suffocation atrocity, Jimmy is dependent on life-support machine, and a feeding tube to remain alive.

Because the plastic bag suffocation of our 11yr. old disabled child has been condoned by -extremely cruel & grossly negligent- inaction, Jimmy has been deliberately (starving a growing child) deprived of critical minimum calories required to maintain his vital organ function, and bone growth, causing his rib cage collapsing into his heart and lungs (2), his and hips and shoulders to become severely deformed. Jimmy fights to survive in unbearable suffering, and with no conventional medical options effective enough to save his life, he now is running out of time, and will die without your help. 

Please help me bring transparency and justice before Jimmy dies. IT IS URGENT! Please sign petition and share on social media and with congress.

Jimmy was suffocated by Japan military doctors -with no informed consent or medical reason- just four days after I announced it was my legal and moral obligation to report to police (3) three leading scientists from one of Japan largest publicly funded scientific Institutions (same group STAP cell scandal),auditor, and an executive (married to an influential bureaucrat from another powerful publicly funded institution) after internal investigations showed they were involved in scientific misconduct, multiple schemes of fraud, conspiracy, and coercion –email evidence from bureaucrat- threats trying to force us to not report crimes that we were legally obligated to do.

(To understand the potentially dangerous overreaction of scientists or -worse- an influential bureaucrat caught “entangled in a controversy” or associated with scientific misconduct, conspiracy, or coercion in Japan culture, we can only compare the devastating overreaction of one of the same reputable scientists I had announced it was my legal obligation to report to police for worse misconduct- as he tragically “took his own life”(12), and somehow hung himself from the neck on a waist level handrail (17) even though he was cleared of wrongdoing.)

Horrifying fact is, our son Jimmy also had a red strangle-like string mark around his tiny eleven year old neck when I found him in critical condition, he was suffering severely with his eyes blood red-locked open, his body stiff and breathing fast, and extremely high fever exceeding 107F -which is associated with worsened neurologic outcome if child not treated urgently, and the Japanese military doctors deliberately abandoned our child alone and maliciously denied a child life saving medical treatment-as they did not even give our dying son an ice pillow after they suffocated him, as they engaged in a cover-up, and allowed his (an eleven year old child) brain cells to die.

Why Does Japan police, media and the USA EMBASSY IGNORE such serious crimes on U.S. children?

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke

Jimmy was only eleven years old and deserves transparency, the Japan media and police will not allow heinous crimes to be investigated or reported to the public. JIMMY NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Please help me bring transparency and justice before Jimmy dies. URGENT! Please sign petition and share on social media and with congress.

Because of the years of cruel willful negligence, Jimmy (now 18 years old), weighs (23 kg) less than Auschwitz concentration camp survivors, as a parent it is heart wrenching (2)to watch our child slowly die in unbearable pain, as he suffers from rickets as his hips and shoulders are deformed, he measures four feet and one inches tall (his Father was 6’3” at age 18 yrs. ) caused by the intentional severe malnutrition, by depriving a growing child the critical minimum calories required to maintain vital functions and bone growth (Basal metabolism BM), he has been cruelly denied access to sunshine/vitamin D deficiency.

In spite of years of my wife and me pleading, begging, and presenting irrefutable evidence (13. 4. 5. 7. 8. 9), these heinous atrocities committed on an eleven year old child have never been investigated by the Japan police, and media.

This deliberate inaction, and misconduct, has directly enabled further extremely cruel negligence, Jimmy has forever lost a critical time window for conventional medical intervention to be lifesaving, and is now literally awaiting death in unbearable pain and suffering, because of deliberate severe malnutrition and neglect he recently suffered from a rare life-threatening event caused Superior mesenteric artery (SMA) syndrome, from August 15th 2015 he was unable to digest nutrition via feeding tube, and receives parenteral nutrition/calorie infusion into the bloodstream through his neck jugular vein which is potentially life threatening.

Jimmy suffered another cardiac arrest on October 20th, 2015 and was resuscitated.

My wife and I promised our son Jimmy, that before he dies we will do everything we possibly can to bring international transparency, investigation and justice to the horrific crimes committed, and condoned in Japan.

Help me put these monsters in prison and censure the ones who sat by and let the crimes continue and worsen.

Please try to imagine the morally bankrupt characteristics of the corruption, they know a child is going to die without transparency and help and they do nothing. what kind of morally evil humans are they?

Once violations are stopped and we are allowed transparency from the cruel  corruption, we will urgently organize collaborative project with scientists with the experience of clinical translation of cutting edge technology combined with characteristics of compassion, and the courage –desperately- needed to try to reduce his suffering and save him from death.

Please help me bring transparency and justice before Jimmy dies. URGENT! Please sign petition and share on social media and with congress.

PETITION: I am asking the compassionate and honorable members of congress to:

1.    Compel Japan to allow transparency and cooperate in international investigations of the heinous crimes and violations, and for Indictment, full prosecution, and censure of all involved in the crimes and the cover-up before Jimmy dies.

2.    To draft preventive protocols for attaché staff of American embassies, so that horrific crimes committed against America families and their loved ones (without sacrificing the family’s security) are never allowed to continue, either because of gross negligence, incompetence, or willful misconduct.

3.    To compassionately allow all children with severe life threatening medical conditions -who have failed all conventional medical options, and are literally abandoned and waiting death- the accelerated informed consent and access to all clinical translation of all evidenced based technology. And require and organize that all lifesaving evidence data of clinical translation of advanced technology be published online free of charge and with full public access to enable loved ones of children who are dying, hope.

We believe based on our irrefutable evidence (CLICK 1. 3. 4. 5. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11), that: a. Jimmy’s suffocation, b. the extremely cruel intentional denying our child lifesaving medical intervention, c. and the critical minimum calories to maintain his vital functions, d. e. two completely different egregiously corrupt kangaroo courts to humiliate our family and destroy our American based business (same exact lawyer used in both so-called unrelated fraudulent courts, knowingly forges federal patent in USA, also unethical use of use of mental ill patient, magically the very same above mentioned corrupted bureaucrats institution benefits), f. the online defamation, g. and character assassination campaign h. the condoned egregious violations of our human rights, international law, i. and Articles (11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 31, 32, 36) Constitution of Japan (11) is a deliberate and severe system wide retaliation (cruel and unusual punishment) for my attempted legal and moral obligation to report to police serious unlawful acts committed by a corrupted bureaucrat, executives and leading scientists. (6 e.g. impossible) 

Our family has faith and believes that with your signature, sharing on social media, praying, and/or contacting your congressman, the criminals will be prosecuted, our son could be helped, and hopefully survive. Please sign, share, and pray for our family. Jimmy is now close to death.

For anyone who has access to a compassionate media or members of congress please forward this petition and please share the below background information and please forward www.jimmyswish.com and www.jimmysthemis.com for irrefutable evidence of the widespread heinous crimes that could only be condoned by corruption, and in clear violation of all international laws and ethical standards, Japan deliberately allows.

HORRIFYING FACT: Without International transparency, Jimmy could be suffocated to death with a plastic bag over his head tomorrow (without informed consent or medical reason) and the media (FCCJ also) and Japan police will not investigate. WHY do we have to plead, beg and now fight for them to help Jimmy?

Please help me bring transparency and justice before Jimmy dies, THIS is URGENT please sign petition and share on social media and with congress.


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(We have irrefutable evidence (1. 4. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.) that the Japanese military doctors who suffocated our eleven year old son, had no informed consent or medical reason, and are unconscionable liars. They (Doctors and Nurses) are caught 23 times repeatedly lying and changing their fraudulent story every time Jimmy's mother catches them in another lie, to cover-up the suffocation of Jimmy. What is also morally evil is that the Media (FCCJ also) and the Japanese POLICE etc. all have this irrefutable evidence of the most heinous suffocation crimes committed on an eleven year old American child and do nothing.) Why ?

demand our dying child have his calories increased, and life-saving medical intervention;