A truth and reconciliation commission to investigate Trevor Munroe

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Only in Jamaica we have people of questionable past who turned angels.We all know Mr. Trevor Munroe have a communist ,Marxist and socialist past. Details of his past can be googled because it's public knowledge . Other rumours of his past cannot be discuss even if it's true.I've noticed over the years he's one of the most protected man in Jamaica in the mainstream media.

I believe in rehabilitation and that people do change ,but apart of their rehabilitation they have to acknowledge,apologize and to be cleanse of their past .Trevor Munroe can't come years later behaving like the angel of integrity, morals, ethics and corruptions.

Many of Jamaicans don't trust the 'system' that's why we want to trust angels not the fallen ones. Mr. Munroe organisation the National Integrity Action (NIA) is an affiliate of Standard International the organization responsible for the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) annual scores. The CPI scores based off history only favours one party more. The CPI scores through the NIA aren't explained enough through the CPI affiliate NIA.

If Mr. Munroe want many doubting Thomas to stop questioning his stance on any issue he needs to clear up his past . He should welcome a call for a truth and reconciliation commission to come clean on his past .The Government of Jamaica,Opposition and the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica must have one voice on this issue. The newly formed Integrity Commission could give oversight into this truth and reconciliation commission for Mr Munroe.  If Mr Munroe ain't comfortable with that ,a truth and reconciliation commission members should be agreed all the stakeholders above including Mr Munroe. 

If he refuses  a truth and reconciliation commission .A responsible media must always introduce him as former General Secretary of the Workers Party Jamaica(a communist and Pro Soviet party) and former member of the People's National Party. Therefore when he speaks the nation especially the young ones who don't know his past will take everything he says with a grain of salt.