KOH unfair new in-game economy

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On September 11, 2019, the developer "A Thinking Ape" and their app "Kingdom of Heckfire" as violating your terms of service.

The developer has misrepresented the value of their in app purchases and committed fraud. Recent changes to the game have halved the value of their in app purchases. This was done with no warning to the players and no compensation.

The in app purchases continue to be sold at the same price while representing half of their previous value. This is a clear violation of your Monetization and Ads section of the TOS. Purchases made 24 hours ago now represent less than half their previous value even thou the purchase price and implied value in-game remains the same.

We are requesting a reasonable compensation from the developer "A Thinking Ape" on our accounts (not like the usual compensation) due to the commission of this fraud or a roll-back to previous in-game economy or a better suited economy system for the benefit of all the current players.