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A stray free Penang too - in a kind and humane way (TNRM) TNRM — 一個以善良和人性化的方式,亦能達到無流浪貓狗的檳城


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A stray free society benefits all. Catching and killing the strays is NOT a solution. If it was, the strays population would have been reduced to near zero after decades of doing so in the country. But it is not.

Stray dogs and cats that are easily caught and killed are the ones that are usually tame and friendly, many already spayed and neutered by responsible feeders and hardworking NGOS. These strays will stay on their own area where there are resources such as food, shelter and water. However, when these animals are removed by killing, other newly abandoned and feral animals now have accessed to the resources, and with less competition, they flourish and breed again. So killing is self defeating, wasting of tax payers money and governments' limited resources. Humans-strays conflict, cruelties and the never ending complaints to the authorities continue.

The only answer to this seemingly never ending cycle and waste of public's money is the trap, neuter, release, manage (TNRM) method, which neutered dogs and cats are NOT caught and killed, they are ALLOW to live out their natural lives on the streets and they will use up the resources (food, water, shelter) but not reproduce more kittens/puppies. Over a period of time, the stray population will naturally decrease. Concurrently, the government and the NGOS need to work together to educate and encourage neutering and spaying of pet animals and prevent more abandonment.

Everyone needs to work together and find a middle ground for solution to these stray issues. "A stray free Penang too - in a kind and humane way (TNRM)" will lead to

1. Government saving tax payers' money in long run and can channel its limited resources (to catch, kill and handle complaints) to other areas that benefit the people.

2. A better reputation for the state which ranked high in medical tourism and one of the best places to retire in the world. Poor handling of strays will negatively affect the image.

3. Non-animal lovers/stray haters will see their wish come true for a truly stray free society!

4. Less strays means less incidences of cruelties that frustrate and pain the animal lovers. Promoting a more compassionate and kinder society makes the state a better place to live in and make Penangites and all that live here, proud.

So this petition calls on the state government to kindly and compassionately support a state sanction TNRM program like Selangor and to work with willing NGOS. The aim is to bring together parties that can professionally and sincerely cooperate with the authorities for a win-win outcome. Let's work together for "A stray free Penang too - in a kind and humane way (TNRM)."

What you need to do is to voice your support for this change. Please don't stay silent, for the love of all lives. Peace and kindness to all.





1. 長時間下來,政府可省下納稅人的錢並且把有限的資源(捕殺流浪貓狗及處理投訴)轉移到可惠及民眾的領域。

2. 為這個以醫療旅遊業知名並且被譽為全世界最適合退休的城市的州屬帶來更高的美譽。管理流浪貓狗的不當方式將為此形象帶來負面的影響。

3. 不喜歡動物或者討厭流浪貓狗的人們心願最終得以成真:一個沒有流浪貓狗的社會!

4. 流浪貓狗減少,意味著令愛動物者氣憤及痛心的殘酷事件會更不常發生。推行一個富有同情心及善良的社會將使此州屬成為一個更適合居住的地方,並且令所有居住在檳城的人民感到自豪。



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