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        As regular travellers of Delhi metro, we’d like to thank DMRC for its relentless services that are being provided to the people of Delhi-NCR Region. Certainly Delhi metro is the Lifeline of Delhi being the fastest and the most cost effective means of public transport. As responsible citizens, we’d also like to bring your attention towards the problems faced by travellers of Delhi metro on daily basis.

       Everyday overcrowded commuters as high as 15-20 lac create a phenomena of nuisance due to which people get injured, manhandled, pushed by the crowd specially at interchange stations. Molestation of ladies and pick pocketing are commonly reported at entry and exit doors which makes travelling in metro a horrible experience. Consequently, a large number of people including Senior citizens, Women (especially with kids), People with disability avoid travelling by metro, forcing them to opt for alternative means i.e. private cabs and autos.

      If we improve upon convenience to the commuters, then the concept of public transport would be more effective and we better cope with problems like pollution. To facilitate commuters to enjoy the public transport more and more, we’d like to put forth some of the suggestions to make Metro safer and more convenient to passengers.


Proposal 1: Marking separate Entry and Exit in Delhi metro 

      Major problems such as Physical injuries, pick pocketing and molestation of women arise when a large number of passengers board and de-board from the same gates and as a result, collide into each other.  In this case, creating separate entry and exit could prove to be an effective step. Each metro coach has 4 gates each on either side. Labelling of each gate (from inside and outside) could be done as 1, 2, 3 & 4. Here, gates 1&3 could be marked as Entry gates whereas 2&4 as Exit gates. Before train enters the station, announcement would be made to take an exit from gates 2&4. Same announcement would be made on platform to take entry from gates 1&3. 


        A similar move has been taken by Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) on March 1, 2018 on experimental basis wherein only women passengers will be allowed to enter or exit through the first two doors behind the loco-pilot’s cabin in all Metro trains during the peak hours. 


Proposal 2: Installation of countdown timers at the gates of the coaches/platforms

       It’s similar to the timers installed at traffic lights which cautions stop or proceed time. It is seen that people hurried into the coach in panic while siren hoots. This is the point where safety and convenience shatters. Therefore, count down timers so installed would make the movement smoother as the exact waiting time would be visible.

        Similarly, these proposals could be initially implemented at specific overcrowded stations on pilot basis. An effective implementation could be ensured by increasing the number of marshals inside metro coaches and on the platforms specially for keeping an eye on the violators. 

       It is, therefore, requested that feasibility of the proposals may be considered in order to add to the possibility of convenience and safety to the travellers. And nonetheless, it would give us a sense of pride for travelling in OUR metro by making it highly user friendly.


Citizens of Delhi-NCR Region and Delhi Metro Passengers