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I don't care whether or not all the other Kansas State Congress-Persons think that Virgil Peck's simple apology is enough!   I’m speaking of his off-the-cuff remark suggesting the shooting of suspected immigrants from helicopters.  (Thanks, Sarah Palin for your example and defense of murdering some of earth’s most beautiful and intelligent creatures, shooting them from the air!)  If Mr. Peck speaks that way and thinks it is enough to say later, as public outrage is growing, that he was not serious, . . .well, I think that is an appropriate time to say “Tell it to the judge, Mr. Peck.”

And what is happening to former US President George W. Bush? 

For assorted alleged WAR CRIMES!

I think that the time has come to begin showing everybody in the world, politicians especially, that they cannot commit, with arrogant impunity, disgusting, or even criminal,  actions pretty much as they please, however and whenever, and especially WHEREVER!!! 

So, as another example:  how and when do you think that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (and his wife?) will suffer any punishment, even much discomfort, for the recently discovered well-over half-a-million dollars in unreported income?  What happens if an average or lower-level income family is caught for a comparatively minor unreported amount?  Maybe they think that the IRS persons are not being serious!

What is far more important to me than punishment, however, is the removal of persons from any civil office for conviction of even a fairly “low-level” crime.  I think that removal from office (forced resignations) is “punishment enough” for most civil servants – and the higher the office, the more-so.  My goal is to progress toward having government officials and others who deal with the public basically (1) be well qualified in some subjects; that is, who know something!  And (2) be conscientious about laws, and be courteous and kind to all living beings, and the earth itself, and really the whole universe soon:  it already is beginning to receive our littering!  I of course include animals, because I specifically am concerned cruelwith animal "shelters," and anything that mistreats animals or anything for "sport" and pleasure.

Justice Thomas reached the Supreme Court in 1991, after a long and strongly contested congressional approval of his appointment.  At issue, beside his meager educational background and lack of experience, was his alleged intra-office ethical impoliteness toward female staff under his supervision.  Part of his explanation then, if I recall was that whatever, he didn’t mean it seriously.

Thomas claims now that the IRS rules and instructions confused him.  That appeal probably is sympathetic to a lot of people!  Many US citizens actually fear our IRS!  Perhaps, that has been true of most societies since earliest times.   Thus, many average people go to the advisors provided to the public by the IRS; others go to such professionals as H&R Block and pay them money in order to pay their taxes acceptably to the IRS.

Justice Thomas has not contributed much legal expertise to the challenges facing the court during the last 20 years. He has expressed proudly that he thinks the best path is to rely on following the actions of Justice Anton Scalia, who is, among the justices, perhaps the most conservative in values and glib in speech.  One might wonder why Justice Thomas did not consult with Justice Scalia about tax forms! The result of Justice Thomas copying Justice Scalia has been, in effect, that the already powerful Justice Scalia, highest ranked justice under Chief Roberts, has had two votes!  You can bet that HE won’t intend to lose one of them.

I’m sure it is clear that I am not an attorney; I cannot presume to suggest who should determine what “low-level” means in practice and the implementation of the many other issues involved.  I suppose it would be Congress; and then it would immediately be tested before the Supreme Court.  I am aware that my vague suggestions will require a lot of further ingenuity and time and talk and planning.  Therefore, I think it is time for all of us to get going on it.  Peace, etc., Bruce Combs

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