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A Staged School Shooting Traumatized 300 Kids with Disabilities and their Teachers, We Demand Justice


It's been SEVEN WEEKS since the abuse. Parents have not been informed. Students have not recieved any post trauma care or even evaluation. 



Following the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, a habitually abusive public school administration in Harlem's PS 79m / Horan School subjected over 300 students with disabilties and staff to a horrific staged school shooting.

Planned in secrecy, without any warning or notice to any of the victims, desperate students and staff were traumatized and struggle today with the aftermath. Hundreds of stories have emerged of teachers holding doors down to save their students while calling loved ones to say good bye. Staff falling to the floor in prayer. And brave acts of protection and heroism. 300 fragile students, age 12 and up, who have worked all their lives to remain strong and overcome emotional hardships were terrorized by this action, and most do not have the voice to respond, or even the voice to tell their parents!

Please sign to help bring justice to this school, and to not allow an administration of bullies to use the tragic events of Sandy Hook Elementary as an excuse to terrorize those they are charged to serve.





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