A Skate Park for Ropes Crossing

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A skate park at Ropes Crossing would be great for the youth in and around our area.

At the moment there is not a real lot around for bike, scooter or board riders. So most parents have to travel to Penrith or further to drop of their kids.

It would give the kids surrounding the area something product and fun to do plus develop their balance and co-ordination.

Not to mention people of all ages who want to learn or even get back into skating for excercise and recreation.

Skate Parks are great because they’re made of steel and concrete which cannot be defaced or vandalised very easy. Which is one of the reasons the council doesn’t like to build too much close to Lethbridge Park/Willmot or so it would seem. 

They are a great for the community and always very popular. Think about how many skate parks you see empty these days and it gives kids fun safe place to hang out.