A Single-Use Plastic Free Opunake

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Please help reduce the consumption of single-use plastics in Opunake 
This is an urgent call to the businesses of Opunake to stop using and selling single-use plastics. The abolishment of single-use plastics such as plastic bags and plastic straws in our small town would be a great start to repairing the environment and protecting marine life!  
With your show of support, we can show the rest of the nation what a small town can do and become trend-setters here in New Zealand. 
Single-use plastics, otherwise known as disposable plastics, are plastic products that are intended to be used once before they are thrown away. The most commonly used single use plastics are plastic bags, straws, water bottles and food packaging.  
Single-use plastic is one of the most damaging products to ever be invented. Single-use plastics have an extremely negative impact on the environment. The production process of single-use plastic is also damaging to the environment as methane is released and contributes to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions therefore contributing to climate change.  
As a coastal town, Opunake is a great town to attempt to reduce the amount of single-use plastic we use. Marine life is heavily impacted by these single-use plastics with fish and seabirds eating the plastic having mistaken it for food. Every year approximately 100,000 tons of plastic end up in our oceans.  
However, there are still small steps we can take as a community to make a change. By drastically reducing our consumption of single-use plastic items we will be heading in the right direction to lessen the impact humans are having on climate change. There are many alternative products we could use in place of single-use plastics, such as re-usable shopping bags and paper straws.  
Please sign and share this call of support and play your part in conserving the environment and decreasing climate change.