Resolve the severe food crisis in Loni (Ghaziabad) and surrounding areas

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The COVID lockdown has had a severe impact on all places but this petition is to bring to notice the simmering food crisis in Loni, Ghaziabad, a town on Delhi-UP border. SIGN THE PETITION

Due to the area’s high density, and the government’s stubborn and cruel insistence of providing ration only to those who have a ration card, the distress calls we have received an unusually high number of distress calls on our helpline.

We urge the government to provide emergency relief to the thousands of migrants, labourers and poor people who risk starvation and famine-like conditions in Loni. Ration centers must provide food without demanding ration cards, since many of the people living in this area are natives of other states who come to work in the industrial areas surrounding Loni. Right to food is a fundamental right, and it is the legal and moral responsibility of the state to ensure that it is upheld.

While civil society organisations have taken it upon themselves to provide relief to the region, tightening of lockdown restrictions has become a huge hindrance. Delhi civil society groups are facing difficulties in reaching the area due to travel restrictions and the sealing of the UP-Delhi border. Loni proves to be too far away from major cities in Uttar Pradesh where most of the state’s civil societies operate from. If the government cannot take it upon itself to provide food to its people, the least it can do is provide well intentioned people and organisations with a passage to alleviate some of the hunger crisis in Loni.

We urge the Ghaziabad administration to intervene immediately and ensure that ration is made available to the people living in Loni. We also request them to let civil society organisation involved in providing relief to operate within the area.

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