A Safer Pitt State

A Safer Pitt State

April 10, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chelsi Curtis

Over the past semester, Pittsburg State University has worked to silence victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. PittState is not safe for students.

PSU Dissolved the legally required Prevention and Wellness Program but has decided to leave the website up to pretend it still exists, despite numerous requests to have it removed.

PSU got rid of the Campus Victim Advocate but refused to take down her image, contact information, or webpage for “optics”, despite pleas from students and faculty for three months.


Student Fees allocated for Federal Health Education programs have “Disappeared”.

It took 3 months for PSU to make a public acknowledgement that the Campus Victim Advocate was Let Go.

Students still call and email trying to receive advocacy after being assaulted, and the administration’s solution is to turn them away.

We are done putting up with Pittsburg State University Silencing Victims.  

Below is our list of demands based on PSUs own code of conduct, federal regulations, and the basic rights of students.

  • A full-time Title IX coordinator 
  • Reinstatement of Prevention and Wellness, as is Federally Required
  • A thorough external investigation of the way health and wellness funds - from STUDENT FEES - are being used by the University with documentation being fully disclosed
  • All staff being properly DEI trained and trauma informed
  • UPD being properly DEI trained and trauma informed
  • At least 1 of the 2 Campus Victim Advocates reinstated, as was originally allocated for via student fees
  • Optional pronouns to be listed on staff and faculty badges
  • Mandatory Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Training for all incoming students, as is federally required
  • A written declaration from PSU that they care about survivors

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Signatures: 1,078Next Goal: 1,500
Support now