Safer pedestrian crossing in Belrose, NSW

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Five drivers ran into children on pedestrian crossings in one year, in one square kilometre in Belrose, Sydney. Three of the children had serious head injuries. One child was hit by a truck, and my son was the fifth child hit at the same spot on the highway. I have taken up this campaign as it should not take a child dying for the Roads and Maritime Service to make it safer for pedestrians.

All children were knocked down ON pedestrian crossings. We need a safe pedestrian crossing for our children and commuters to cross 6 lanes of traffic with more than 40,000 cars every day. 

Our children make 4,500 journeys every day to the 12 local schools. With 70,000 emergency visits each year predicted for the newly opened Northern Beaches Hospital and 3,000 flats to be built, pedestrians in Belrose will face more danger.

Just 800 metres away from the pedestrian crossing where my son was driven into — there is $500 million of roadworks for the $840 million new hospital. Yet we only have 1 way, a dangerous way to cross Forestway.

Our suburb is now divided by six lanes of heavy traffic, 40,000 vehicles on Forestway travelling at 70km/h. Because of years of roadworks, drivers are being impatient and driving erratically. 

Please support our petition for a pedestrian bridge or at the very least extending the existing school zone onto Forestway at the intersection with Glen Street.

Articles about the accidents:

Telegraph:  TEEN HIT BY MOTORBIKE AT NOTORIOUS CROSSING A teen injured at a notorious Sydney pedestrian crossing has called for it to be moved — but council says that won’t be happening.