This petition is now closed - Purpose was fulfilled


This petition is now closed - Purpose was fulfilled

This petition made change with 310 supporters!
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We got 310 signatures in less than 18 hours. To me it makes the point I needed to make that while hate accounts on social media may exist, we all agree an affluent public person should not support, follow, advertise or collaborate to this much hate.
Attacking my youngest my little one Dakota, should have been where TZ’s support stopped (hoping she is not behind it) and should be where followers of that account should stop following in horror. My hope is while we disagree on a lot, that she would show humanity and maternal instinct by unfollowing this last account (to be deleted soon ) 
I was not looking to show Tanya thousands of you rallying against her... it’s not a popularity context. It’s my life, my family’s ... and it’s also hers and her family’s. This petition helped me as a mother to feel a little less helpless in protecting my child. As a mother reading a mere texting referring to your child is unbearable. So thank you for adhering to whatever way I found to act on maternal impulse and rage, in the most non violent, non cruel way I found : this petition. 

Next this account will call me a murderer. I won’t care. I won’t even care if TZ applauds the new allegation.
But speaking of my children or speculating to the point of complete dementia about our homes, the homes and addresses where we live, this is where social media crosses over to real life and endangerment. My children are terrified by the level of vile information shared with the public but also at how it makes them feel unsafe. Dakota keeps asking if they will come to our home next ? Savannah keeps saying they sound like they want me dead. 

I thank you for validating my crusade, and making a point not that you prefer me to her, or that you are team Ingrid, but rather for 300 of you standing up and reminding a woman who regardless of her feelings, or her vendetta and need to hurt me, this kind of harassment is WRONG, no matter how rightful she or they feel. 

I went to sleep soothed that I could act, and do something to protect my child. I woke up feeling like I should be satisfied and not look for ego in numbers and dragging this petition for days.

I have decided Dakota’s safety and honor is now served. I can let Tanya either take a cue and unfollow that account, or direct them to cease the cruel harassment. Or she can keep supporting that account, and they may keep endangering my children, making them feel unsafe or attacking them.

What I chose to do by not posting swipe ups everyday for days of this petition, and being satisfied with our result is to give her a Courtesy I wish she had given me: I am sure she was affected by this action, I am sure she wishes I didn’t post this, I am sure she will be relieved this morning when it’s gone. Even if she feels Im not important.  Let’s give her that relief, even though she didn’t extend that to me and went live days after days, posted hate messages calling me names, talking about my face being disfigured and supported every single terrorizing post hate accounts made. For each of these actions I have screenshots 

As righteous as I feel this petition is. I think 18 hours is enough time for someone to feel antagonized.

I don’t expect a response from her. I do not hope for the best. I know she will most likely retaliate thru anonymous fixers.
Im still going to put this theory to the test because retaliating is exhausting, and taxing. Let today not be like yesterday for us, on my platform. closing this petition and claiming our victory. You, me and hopefully even her can have a drama free Tuesday.

Thank you for signing. I will forward to Insta in case this can help. But that was never the point.

Thank you  from the bottom of my heart for showing me so much support and uplifting me in the months and months I’ve spent sharing this horrible experience with you all. 


Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny 



This petition made change with 310 supporters!

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