Graduation petition for DMCI SCHOOL

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Hello guys, please come and sign this petition in the support of the graduating students of 2020. as the students of DMCI are going to have a graduation but it would be online compared to other schools that are near DMCI are postponing their graduation ceremony to August or Some time in fall. And we would like your support in helping them witness and feel the accomplishment of all the hard work and dedication that all the students have been putting up throughout the years. They deserve the right to be able to walk on a stage or walk in front of their peers and friends and family. Not only is this a disappointment to the students of DMCI it is a disappointment to the parents of the students. As a parent being able to see your child graduate the senior year is very important. The feeling of seeing your child walk on stage and or having the feeling of walking on stage is the place where to feel  proud and accomplished and it is a memory that will never be forgotten. A memory that people will always looks forward to. Memory that everyone looks back once it has happens. Precautions to how the graduation will happen and will be Discussed with students and staffs. Please help the class of 2020 in DMCI a graduation to remember.

-Thank you DMCI class of 2020