Quiet zone no more! Sexually explicit material has no place at the Toronto Public Library!

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No place for porn at ANY Toronto public library. 

Libraries have always been a place of refuge and learning for people of all ages, including many children. I was floored when discovering that another individual out with his grandchildren experienced the same thing I did a few years ago. A patron was viewing pronographic material on one of the libraries computers and was seen by a few of the children supposed to be enjoying a trip to our library. Viewing sexually explicit material should not be allowed in the public library computers even with the "filters" they say they have in place as a solution to keep kids safe from witnessing something that could upset them for life. Basic screeening for the general public over 18 is not a solution nor is having an area reserved away from children to deter them from seeing this type of activity will never be enough and I find this unacceptable. Libraries should be a safe and non-hostile environment for all patrons and employees alike. The viewing of pornography substantially changes the atmosphere for everyone and represents an inappropriate trade off of the rights of the many for the few who would desire to view this material in public. A public library is a place for the public and could possibly attract those who may put our kids and others at risk (perhaps in the washrooms). In Toronto, we have public indecency laws that prohibit sex acts in public, I propose that the City of Toronto look to these laws to create legislation that also prohibits the depiction of sex acts in public places especially in the public library. Cineplex policy says "R" Rated movies have no place for children under 18 and are not allowed entry into the cinema, this is no different.

I am fully prepared for those who will have their say regarding censorship and their right to access such sites but I believe it is worth all the efforts to raise awareness of the availability and define appropriate limits to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the library for all constituents. Please help me start the change that needs to happen or at the very least, raise awareness that the public library isnt as internet safe as we think for its patrons, especially our children. It's time to change what should never be in the first place. Who's with me?