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A proposed new branch of the United States Military.

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The following proposal is edited from the original entry which can be accessed at the link above. 

Here in the United States our military engages in numerous humanitarian missions. We provide food where there is hunger, medicine where there is disease, and shelter where there is disaster. 

So many of our veterans come home after serving and find themselves at a loss. There's no doubt they seek new ways to follow through on whatever set of skills they’ve worked so hard to develop as well as doing their best to continue the principles and values now a part of their persona. All too often these needs are simply unattainable. As a result some turn to drugs and alcohol, some turn inward, and some simply give up on living. What a waste. This proposal just might solve this crisis.

We need a new a new branch of the military; one that accepts only veterans from other branches. Let's call this new branch of our forces……..


Why not take ALL humanitarian missions and combine them into a single force? Here our veterans might find a new purpose. Many of those willing to re-enlist will already have the necessary training (as well as the proper mind-set) necessary to cope with adjusting to lifestyles and cultures wherever a crisis may take them.

Think of it as a gigantic version of the Peace Corps, one that's highly funded, pre-trained, and deeply organized. 

Our heroes deserve a future beyond facing the enemy. What they really deserve is a life filled with an opportunity to fulfill a destiny that includes hope and purpose for as long as they wish. Why not give these people a choice of continuing their service under a different mission? What a wonderful gift it would be if we could hand those willing to make our world better, the means to do so.






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