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A proper revival of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

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Petition: a proper revival of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' - with 100% creative license for Joss Whedon (supported by JAMES MARSTERS)

Summery: The goal is to have a 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' revival series created by Joss Whedon. Joss has a story (Buffy's life story), there is a TV form ('event series') and there is interest (legions of fans). JAMES MARSTERS explained at Dutch Comic Con 2016 that Joss wants do a reboot, but he can't film the characters right now. The rights to all characters in the Buffyuniverse belong to executive producers Fran Rubel & Kaz Kuzui. That's why Joss is writing comic books, because he still has stories and love for the characters. With this petition, we're going to ask Fran and Kaz Kuzui to give Joss 100% creative license to create a revival series. 

The goal is to have a 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' revival series created by Joss Whedon. Signing this petition can help it become a platform for Whedon fans everywhere to bring Buffy back to our television screens. Sure, the series lives on in comic books, but wouldn’t it be fantastic to revisit the Buffyuniverse on TV, even for a little while? Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dollhouse, Agents of Shield, and all Buffy fans should appreciate and look forward to the reboot.

Joss Whedon’s ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ (airing: March 1997 - May 2003) has proven to be a resonating Pop Culture icon. It continues to reach new audiences and gain legions of fans despite it being off the air for 15 years. Over time, the show has also had countless references from various television programs.

These days, almost every major property with a devoted fan base is coming back in some capacity, usually in the form of an “event series”—which is a fancy way of saying “slightly longer/fancier miniseries.” X-Files, Twin Peaks, Gilmore Girls, Arrested Development, all of these series have returned in some form this way.

No one is suggesting that Whedon and Gellar are going to attempt seven seasons and another 140 episodes. We have to imagine that Joss does want to make room to do other things, as I’m sure so do the original Buffy cast members. But a limited series event would hardly stop anyone from pursuing other projects, and frankly, would only raise everyone’s profiles further.

Creator Joss Whedon still seems to think there’s story potential. “Everything sort of finds its way back somewhere,” he says. “I’ve been trying deliberately to move forward and do something a little bit different. But yeah, the great thing is everybody looks great, and the other great thing is the show is about growing up. If we did it with these guys, they’d be the age they basically are. They’d probably play a little younger because they can do that. But yeah, you’d see somebody going through their life at a different stage. It wouldn’t be like, ‘I can’t believe we’re still in high school! I wear Depends!’”

In interviews over the years on continuing Buffy Summers’ story in the comics, Joss Whedon has said that he views Buffy’s story as a “life story,” not just one about high school and college. Yes, at its core it’s about the pain of growing up, but as we all eventually learn, growing up doesn’t stop at 18, or 21, or 50. It never stops.

This petition will be delivered to Joss Whedon and... Fran Rubel & Kaz Kuzui. During a panel at Dutch Comic Con 2016, James Marsters (Spike) told fans that executive producers Fran and Kaz are the main reason why Joss won't compromise on a revival right now. You can watch the video on the top of this page for his explanation. 

James: "No, it's not Joss or Sarah, it's the Kuzuis," he says. "They're at the end of every Buffy episode: 'produced by the Kuzuis'. It's this married couple, really nice people and they were the first people to really believe in Joss his vision of a cheerleader character who can kick ass. They were the first people who put money behind it and it's because of them we're all sitting here. Good for them, but - they produced the first movie and just don't get Joss' his style. Like for Joss to be funny, the acting has to be very normal, very realistic. If you send it up and be big with it, it just falls flat. That's why the movie was so cheesy, I think. In fact, if you want to depress Joss, if you want to get him to cry, you start talking about the Buffy movie. The first thing I was told coming on the set, was: don't mention the movie. So, Joss talked them in to taking money for the television series. Part of the contract of the movie was, they got rights to all characters in the Buffyuniverse till the end of time, till the end of the universe. So, he talked them in to getting money for the TV show, but having no creative influence. But then Buffy the TV series blew up and they got SO excited, that everytime we try to get something else filmed, the Kuzuis stepped in and want to be part of the show and Joss was like: no, no...(laughs) and it falls apart. So because of these perfectly wonderful people, that's why. Let's see, we tried to do a Spike TV movie, there was going to be a Giles show on BBC, a Spike & Faith TV show, like a roadtrip, that didn't happen as well. It's blown up so many times, that's why Joss is writing comic books, cause he still has love for the characters. He still has stories for the characters, but he just can't film the characters. Joss wants to do it, but if it's with the Kuzuis they will ruin it. He could have done it before, but he doesn't want to do it wrong. And again, the Kuzuis are great people and i'm sure, giving them a right script they can produce a masterwork. It's just his writing and them, it's not right."

With this petition, we're going to ask Fran and Kaz Kuzui to give Joss 100% creative freedom to create the revival series. If you're a fan of any of Whedon's work and would like to see Buffy brought back to TV, we encourage you to sign.

Thanks for your time!

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