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Petition for Removal of Coach Mike Rudd as Head Basketball Coach of Glen Burnie High School


Over the years, parents, players, and other community members have been voicing several issues surrounding Coach Rudd as the head coach at Glen Burnie High School. Through these years everyone just dealt with the poor sportsmanship, subpar coaching, inappropriate language towards the players and foul language regarding players’ mothers, intimidating coaching style, and downgrading subbing of players. Coach Rudd embarrasses players during games and practice. His behaviors negatively impacted talented basketball players emotionally, causing these players to have low self-esteem and appear nervous on the court. The players on the team are not treated fairly and he tends to have his favorites, which he gives more playing time, regardless of skill level. Several kids have quit the team or even quit basketball altogether because of the emotional stress that he has caused these players; thus the enjoyment they once felt while playing the sport is gone. When parents have voiced their concern and the potential of moving their child to another school so the child can be removed from the emotional stress caused by Coach Rudd, he intimidated them by saying he will go and file a complaint against the player; thus placing more fear in the player. After one student’s parents transferred their child out of Glen Burnie he intentionally went to find out where the student was transferred and filed a complaint, this is a form of harassment.  Parents have the right to remove their children from any situation that they do not feel is physically or emotionally safe for their child. In previous years he has called other coaches branding players and putting negative thoughts in other coaches’ minds, in attempt to avoid the players from playing on other teams. Coach Rudd clearly stated in a meeting that he is only concerned about the season. It is “Not his job” to help the players grow, excel on and off the court, or even get ready for the next level (college).  

When a coach does all of the above to a basketball player, the player feels tormented by self-doubt, has a loss of confidence in his capacity to perform, his spirits are broken, and he feels like he has failed. A coach should be a person that is approachable; whereas, the players are able to voice concerns about the team, school, or life situations. Most players look up to their coaches for guidance and as a reliable individual who has their best interest at heart. Coach Rudd does not display these qualities.

Overall, Coach Rudd has a negative emotional, physical, and spiritual impact on players and families. He has not helped anyone on and/or off the court to reach their goals as a confident, successful basketball player, or even as a successful student.

We are asking for the removal of Coach Rudd as the head coach of Glen Burnie High School based on the following:

1.      Poor sportsmanship

2.      Subpar coaching

3.      Inappropriate language towards the players

4.      Foul language regarding players’ mothers

5.      Intimidating coaching style

6.      Downgrading subbing of players: 20 secs-min subs

7.      Embarrasses players during games and practice

8.      Emotional negative impact, stress, and fear in players

9.      Unfair treatment of players

10.    Harassment

11.    Lack of concern or assistance to improve players

12.    Lack of concern for players to reach goals to attend college


Extensive details can be given upon request.

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