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A Petition to the Supreme Court of the United States of America: Being Selfish is Against the Law.

Well, things are becoming clearer. “Things” being what we need to do to end suffering in the world. There is an answer to that question. We just need to all stop being selfish. I think it’s amazing that the answer is so simple. Do you know why? I will tell you. Because the answer is so simple, it will be easy to convince others that this answer is the True Answer.

Oh, there will be some who will refuse to believe it.

But, and this is a BIG “but”, the funny thing about this Answer being so True is that it makes it easy to spot the selfish ones! Anyone who disagrees with the answer is selfish!!!

I think that is the most ironic fate I have ever heard told, how about you?

There is a Main Event taking place. We, meaning “everyone who isn’t selfish”, are tired of you being selfish. “We” will work together to put into law that being selfish is against the law. “We” will do it. There are too many of us and too few of you. The Main Event has already begun. So, you might as well accept that your selfishness cannot last and start learning how to develop unselfish ideas. If you start now, you may already be unselfish by the time the Law is put into place. This is your opportunity to avoid any penalties.

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