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Currently Special Needs Assistants all around the country are unsure if they will have a job in September. This is because the minister for education along with the NCSE has yet to publish the SNA allocations informing schools of the number of SNAs for the year 2018/2019

There are currently jobs online being advertised for SNA positions, yet there are hundreds of snas who cannot apply for these jobs because they have not been allocated hours yet & cannot get panel rights until they are told their position has been cut. This cannot be changed until they know the school allocations.

It is also a very uncertain time for Parents & their Children who avail of the fantastic work that SNAs provide, they cannot be sure their children will have an sna in September & this can be the cause of unecesary stress on families.

Snas would also like to fully address the issues which effect them including Job Security, Croke park hours, June working & other issues including day to day duties. 

We ask everyone to get behind the SNAs & help them to bring this Issue into the public eye. Please support Snas to gain the respect they deserve. Thank you for taking the time to read this.