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Refund of the Ossett bypass A638 fines and removal of Penalty points and Convictions.


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The Ossett bypass speed limit has not been lawfully enforceable since at least the year 2000, when it was changed from a National Speed Limit dual carriageway (70mph) to a 50mph speed limit in the year 2000. Apparently, with consultation and signatures between Police Chief Colin Ralph Cramphorn and Wakefield Council by the creation of the 50mph traffic regulation order (TRO). Which I obtained a copy of to find out this information.

For the TRO order to have legal effect, thus for the speed limit to even be required to be "observed" by drivers in LAW, The road signage must comply and conform to prescriptive government safety and signage requirements that are clearly published in the TSRGD and Traffic signs manuals. Traffic Signs Regulations and General directions.

The Evidence that the police gather "on-site" with their various Home office approved LTI ultralyte and radar devices, is only obtainable by law on condition that the roads signage has been regulary checked and cleaned and kept in prescriptive compliance with the TSRGD and Traffic signs manuals. If this signage which comprises of configurations and sizes is not correct and not in maintained conditions.. Then, the Police evidence is not submissibe to take into a court to prosecute Drivers with. This is Government rules and policy. It means that, If the Authorities do not Go out of their way to first make every effort that the Road signage and safety requirements are legally met. Then the Driver by Law does not have to go out of their way to Adhere to and stricktly comply with the speed limits. Thus spending any time and money on enforcement on the road WITHOUT first ensuring the signage, safety features and road markings are not lawfull and correct.. is a complete waste of police time.
(Unless the police & Highways agencies & council like to use this as an advantage to catch more speeding drivers by NOT providing adequate guidance and safey at REGULARLY attended strategic enforcement sites)

Worse than this... The particular road has had a Wakefield "Europort" planned purposely designed sign in place entering the 50MPH area, when the sign subconsciously resembles a National speed limit sign (70mph). And the TSRGD specifically prohibits any signs that look too much like other signs and could be misleading. Its a known psychological contributor to driver responce. In fact the whole Department of Transports system is built on subconscius signals and directions.
Thus Wakefield Council Europort planning teams have a Link to the Police Chief and the Local Council and even the government, in the placement of this illegal sign, for the Wakefield europort, which is an obstruction itself and misleading. I cover this part of the set-up on the website in the Ossett bypass discussion. I have investigated other appearances of the sign and its usage and my opinion is that sign was a unique creation for the Ossett bypass, with a few scattered instances other locations to make it appear legitimate.
In the year 2002 the TSRGD was published in a cream cover edition. In it no 300mm size National speed limit signs were prescribed. As they are too small for purpose. Yet the country was already riddled with them. They became in law from then on "an obstruction to driving" and should have been removed. Just as any other unlawfull sign or lack of sign, or incorrect configuration of sign should be corrected. Which is an obstruction to driving. The signs were left in place and very poorly placed. Including all kinds of missing or over used instances all over the country. That is another legal national case in itself.

See the Wakefield Councils own website which confirms my understanding of the LAW is correct. Wakefield Council legal evidence of signs status And the BBC 5 live podcast link BBC 5 live podcast legal legislation confirmation Which confirms my legislative understanding is correct.

Two terminal signs (one either side of the road) have been a legal requirement to give legal effect to a change in the speed limit, and its enforment. At least Upto 2016, when Andrew Jones has attempted to change the rules. Repeater signs have also been a legal requirement as well to give legal effect to the speed limit. And safely remind drivers of the speed limit. This is confirmed in the TSRGD 2016 circular. (Even though the book does not seem to be a book of sign placement and configurations. Only of sign design specifications for creating and making the signs). Thus Andew Jones in my Opinion as well as Patrick McLoughin are crooks, and conmen, like their predesessors. And like to dilly dally with the Police's role in the enterprise of traffic enforcement which has been crooked from the start, and cap-stoned with such tricks as outside lanes which lead up TOLL plazas of different motorways. As well as the M62 junction 13, which was a joke build to create traffic jams. With a bridge obstructing a sign and sliproad slowing down traffic where shevrons should have been. Seemingly the Government like to "Build in" jokes into the framework of society with intent for it NOT to run smoothly.. as if its a sort of a James Bond villain film Gag Comedy. *(when its serious safety compromise is not a joking matter.) a jest at the misfortunes in life, but done on purpose. They also facilitate people to exceed the speed limit by supplying cars that cause and give permission to exceed 70mph which is the highest speed limit. Thus they have caused speeding to be possible. In fact they have financed the countryon the ability of cars to exceed the top speed limit. Where otherwise the accident rate would have been half. And many people would never have died. Road safety would have been important, but never as BIG ISSUE to use as a bargaining tool, for money making cameras and a weapon to use to gain support from mothers and families who had lost loved ones in accidents. On revenge missions, against the wrong people. While Lords sip Gin and Rum and Spirits from expensive vintage bottles and expensive cigars.

In the year 2008 the Traffic Signs Manual chapter 3 was published by the British Government. In it, there was no sign information for 50mph dual carriageways published. Only for "lit and unlit" National speed limit dual carriageways. Also for a normal 50mph road, the repeater signs size was made to be 450mm minimum size. Like with the National speed limit signs. Because 300mm was obviously deemed too small for dual carriageway purposes and usefull visibility.

The West Yorkshire police force with Wakefield council did NOT update the 300mm 50mph sign sizes in 2000, Or erect a 2nd required terminal sign for the speed limit at the entrance to the road. & they did not change the signs to correct configurations. Even though there was no real change in accident statistics on the road. The story of how the signage exactly ended up how it is.. is a Mystery story. It sems that 300mm National speed limit repeater signs changed to 50mph 300mm repeater signs, then there was some other update (possibly after a court case) but illegal signs were not removed. It is a Columbo, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule poirot case of a criminal plot against the British Driver, that the Police, Government and Council want to pretend does not exist. Yet it is the Biggest elephant in back seat of 450 Million UK Driving Licence holders cars & lorrys. Who are footing the Bill of the Depertment of Transports "Big kids play set" building projects and "Dream job" careers.. as if Pat McLoughlin was a Rod Stewart with a real live train set in his attick. Yet instead, it is a play set of the Entire UK road systems. And he hasnt been planning it to run smoothly. No.. only to generate "COIN" to build more playset. As a perfectly smooth running playset would be far too boring. At Detriment to his pawns (us) & not to forget the National newtwork of Lawyers and solicitors who make thousands of pounds a time our of defence cases. Claiming it is "Specialist" Law & worth higher fees, when its more simpleton than family Law, or Criminal law. Most of these solicitors do not have intent for road signs to be correct nation wide, as there will be no defence points to argue in court. Although many dont even use them.. resorting to different tactics like bribery, begging and blagging excuses. Professional Solicitors like Freeman & Co in Machester do not even turn up in court. But send inexperienced female barristers who have no working knowledge of the specialist field, or the case. And CPS lawyers are there only to win competition orientated victorys, not see the roads are fit and proper. The system had become guilty until proved innocent, and free from the new automatic guilt process, which the police refuse to correspond over correctly. And lock themselves in secure building so as not to be questioned or interviewed in person over road signs & prosecutions.

The Ossett bypass road had mysteriously aquired a local nickname as "The Mad Mile" which was circulated and spread to young male drivers. Supposedly to represent its use as a "short racetrack" for night time and weekend speed encouragement by the police... Who had by that time built several "non regulation" (do not exist in any manual) parking platforms to deploy mobile police vans on, containing speed measuring devices. (radar and laser speed guns) mostly LTI ultralyte ranger and concept devices provided by tele-traffic UK, which are notoriously innacurate and can be used to "Get MPH" off cars shapes, just as Skateboarders and BMX bikes "Get Air" out of ramps and features that are similarly shaped. Thus "Speed camera-ing" was also a sharp-shooter hobby for the police. The owner of Tele-traffic UK Mr frank Garratt is an ex police colleague who is not an independent witness and cannot give evidence in court any longer.

By 2000-2016, the road was already supplying a wealthy flow of motorists, of multiple nationalitys - who innocently assumed the road was National speed limit, after they exited from the M1 motorway junction joined to the road. A perfect money-spinner for a "Pop-up toll road". Which has absolutely negligible change in accidents. And even the statistics themselves are highly questionable. Just like many of the fixed speed camera statistics. Which showed strange history of use if you requested the data by F.O.I. request. Where blank data was there where there should obviously be convictions. A sign that a lot of deleting had been going on, to hide the true number of prosecutions from the public.

The addition of the local folk-lore hearsay "advertisement" of the road as a young boys racetrack called "the Mad Mile" only encouraged boys to go there at night time and race. ( the police and council may have created this name themselves for added effect) .. This Was touch and go with the local police patrol, who likes to play with small boys in their fast sports cars. A typical Tory-type hearsay political style stunt. Like the word "Brexit".
The real Problem was the "Granted permission" and "authorization" by HM Government Lords and Ministers.. To even allow the sale of vehicles that "caused and permitted" young boys to even drive cars capable of exceeding the speed limit, In cars that were not safe. Because the insurance was far too high for vehicles that were a lot safer, if involved in an impact. And those expensive cars handled better at higher speeds. Such as 40mph in 30mph areas. Or 30mph in 20mph areas. With brakes that performed significantly differently. But the young drivers were not allowed to access these safer cars because of higher insurace premiums. The ultimare recepie for disaster and multiple crashes and fatalities by a retarded police and Government system. Many crashes caused by overtaking in unstable, slow cars could have been avoided at speeds around 50mph and 70mph could have been the maximum speed.

The "MAD MILE" was the perfect road to obtain a very high number of motorists driving between 50 to 70mph at any time on any day. Any day of the week. Either buisness men, visitors, young boys or locals. It was a River of money... that started rolling when the Police felt like fishing. And it had been set up purposely to be deceptive of its speed limit to the unsuspecting driver. This is the Honour and Shame Blow the Police do not want to accept. That they are NOT the Knights of the People, Protectors of the Public. But the Pawns of the Government and only after Coin and Promotion and Good Hunting. Truly This is the Sherrif of Nottinghams Men, Enforcing the Toll Road. The Troll under the Bridge. The Theives in the Forest. And the Police have Choosen the Role, and Played it Perfectly. To their Vocation, Leisure & Pleasure.

Unfortunately the only thing that WAS "mad" about the road.. Was the signifant "effort and money" spent on putting police ON the road and KEEPING IT UNSAFE AND ILLEGAL! the work and effort of 16 years of regular active enforcement of this "narrow band of speed" (between 50 and 70mph) that the police knew people would drive in. Bets on. And in fact was the RIGHT & CORRECT SPEED FOR THE ROADS DESIGN... While the signage and road markings..were left unlawfull, illegal and not enforceable for the entire 16 years upto 2016.. even When repeated complaints got nowhere. Until i did get at least some of the signs changed recently. Although there could have been past court cases concerning the road, but we need the names to find the case study and then only the Crown court cases are accessible on record. The new Labour party "fast track" process system avoided any change of police investigating the road signs. And mobile speed camera & fixed speed camera technicians were not adequately trained. And were protected by the police, to carry out what was directed of them, without question, even in the face of hard unquestionable evidence, manuals and law. While the polices own manuals were primary school standard in detail and description. So as less information was given to help the police bend the rules and frequently break them. The dumbing down of pawns. In a National gambling racketeer ring.

But still many, many safety features are missing, incorrect and incomplete as well on the Ossett bypass. Even the destination sign appears never to have been in place! Approaching a slip exit. Bollards, reflectors and Sharp deviation of route boards. Not uniformly in place. And a host of unsafe police platforms all non regulation & unfit for the Dual Carriageway. Where other police forces would have opted for the Bridge position. Such as Wrexham bypass & Chirk bypass, North Wales and West Mercia police.

I have some other petitions on this matter.. And a full website story. Including photos and videos which i will add soon to this petition. This petition is supposed to send emails to all decision making authorities as people sign. (and there are a large number of authorities who can make the decision. Yet none will comply, not even to hard evidence, LAW and legislation.
The Police and Courts are a Law unto themselves.

Inconsistent speed limits when its a legal requirement for the Government to provide consistent speed limits. The major disadvantage that the drivers have been subjected to... In addition to lack of signage, a different speed limit to what they would expect from contemporary roads with the same profile.. (consistent speed limits) Is not in fact a lack of knowledge of road signs. Or even the surprise entrapment of carefully, calculated police enforcement rotas. But the fact that the legal sector, lawyers, solicitors.. The council and police chiefs all "knew" about the unlawfull sign configurations. And the dangerous disadvantage and inadequate information it conveyed to drivers visiting the area. And in fact obstructed any resolution to the legal mess that the road was creating. (or was created FOR. by purpose of premeditated intent) To "Get drivers" on. With speed guns.

While... In total.. The road had more unlawfull and illegal "signage error"s than any other road in England..( Except for roads that has no signs in place at all). Not even illegal signs.. Such as the M66 junction with the A56 and A682 Haslingden bypass in Lancashire. Which shares similar non regulation police parking platforms. Designed and placed by Jack-in-a-box unruly police chiefs. Fixated with ambitions of medals and knighthoods from providing her Majesty with an excess of revenue to try plug the hole in the countrys deficit that their vocations and hunting parties leisure creates. (Torture of the subjects for their pleasure)

Thus. The Male (and now female) police chiefs have had a "key part" in playing their roleplay game with the Government highways department of transport and the ministers building of the crooked country. Dishonestly and at a "disadvantage to the common man". When other practicable, cheaper and less victim aimed solutions were always available to the correct and true honest thinking man. (Right honourable) Who has been cast aside to make way for the "madness" that the Chief of police usually prefers. And His LAW LORDs So that the average citizen can be given dangerous vehicles and let loose in the grounds for hunting. No LORD or MP can be considered Right or worthy of Honor. And Theresa May was notified multiple times of these problems when she was Secretary of State and the Home Office allowed the continued unlawfull and illegal use of the enforcement devices... hoping that the police would take direct responsibility, rather than the Department of Transport who set the whole thing up and thought of it in the first place, then recruited Police Chiefs to do their dirty work.

While the real potential eutopia of peace was lost under the judges hammer along with the true case facts that have never been revealed since the beginning. All because These people have a joy and satisfaction in "GETTING PEOPLE". rather than rational ecological problem solving. A few scattered cases of Wins from a few Solicitors can be found in Newspaper archives. That when combined together, with hidden Crown court cases.. show that this "Game" has been played unfairly and the law has not issued justice, only competitive gameplay. When people have had to pay a solicitor thousands of pounds.. others have have had fines refunded automatically.

So, please sign so we can get this National cultural administrative mess sorted out.

Thank you.

This Wharfedale Observer story Proves that no court appeals are required and the Council and Police + Government can and should deal with the refunds of fines and Removal of Penalty Points automatically. Parliament CAN and should (MUST) act to DIRECT the police Chiefs to refund the fines. EXACTLY as Leeds Council directed West Yorkshire Police to refund the A65 fines. Only that it should not take 3 years for the Police to admit they have been trying to cover it up & avoid liability.
Wharfedale observer automatic fine refunds evidence

Other videos about the Ossett bypass enforcement are available here are a few of them... With supporting evidence covering everything ive briefed here and more.

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