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A Permanent Solution to Address Food Insecurity in Toronto

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Food insecurity is defined as “the inadequate or insecure access to food due to financial constraints"

Food Insecurity is a developing public health issue in Canada.

"It negatively impacts the physical, mental, and social health of Canadians, and costs the Canadian healthcare system significantly." 

In Toronto, Food Insecurity impacts 1 in 8 households. 

Traditional methods of food banks, community gardens and cooking classes are often confused with solving the issue of food security.

Although helpful to create access to food and skill change, they do not solve the underlying root of the problem, which is poverty.

We need a permanent solution

Please sign this petition to urge Mayor John Tory to create a lasting solution to those affected by food uncertainty. 

Such as: 

  • Expanding the Ontario Basic Income Pilot to Toronto
  • Affordable housing and childcare
  • Providing Higher education and/or job training in the workplace for those who need it
  • Implement a Food Waste Ban to Supermarkets and restaurants
  • Decrease the cost of tuition for University/College students 

In an affluent city such as Toronto, it is shocking that almost 13% of households suffer from food uncertainty,

Those affected by food Insecurity, are uncertain if they will have food that day; because often times they must pay for rent, medication, babysitting and other expenses.

Or even if they get food, it oftentimes is not nutritious, does not meet their dietary needs or is expired.

Implementing these initiatives will benefit Canadians and the economy in the long run

A nutritious and proper diet is essential for being healthy. Canadians should have access to affordable, accessible and nutritious food no matter their household or level of income. 

By signing this issue we are one step closer to creating a permanent solution to the food Insecurity Crisis in Toronto

And hopefully, give all Canadians access to safe and nutritious food.


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