#Time to tax the Rich Davos 2022

#Time to tax the Rich Davos 2022

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A people of Azania' so called Republic of South Africa.

Why this petition matters

Started by Benjamin Chisari

From rampant corruption to load shedding, the problems we face as a nation are unending and sometimes the truth of living in Mzansi is stranger than fiction.

Even when faced with the most absurd problems we always manage to deal with them with our particular brand of SA humour that makes even the worst situations seem bearable. But even though we sometimes laugh to keep from crying. We must ask who on earth are we and what is happening in South Africa.

We as the GHCC Provincial Coordinator's we demand, Housing, Land and decent Jobs, as well as Universal Income Grants for all.


Yours in the Struggle for Housing, Land and decent Jobs for all:

Chisari Benjamin GHCC Provincial Coordinator.

10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!