A new building for Inverkeithing High School and Community Wing must be prioritised

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Another generation of pupils should not have to be schooled in the crumbling Inverkeithing High School.

The school is in a very poor condition, category c rated and perhaps the worst of all in Fife, if not in Scotland. 

It is understood Fife Council have £50m set aside for replacement schools and Scottish Government booster funding is required. Inverkeithing High School must be included as a priority project in the next Scottish Government, ‘Schools for the Future Programme’. A new building and community wing are urgently needed. Plans and consultation need to start now. Inverkeithing High School building is simply not fit for purpose.

Works need to progress urgently. The building is crumbling, there’s asbestos, windows don’t open, parts are even held together by duct tape. There is a lack of space for moving kids around corridors.

The school staff and pupils are a credit to the community but the building is simply dire. The time for action is now. 

Although it’s a B listed building, a case could be put together for de-listing. Or if it remains listed, that does not mean it cannot be demolished just that in addition to a planning application, a listed building consent application would need to be submitted. Criteria for demolition of a listed building include the condition of a building and wider public benefit.

A new building is essential. 

If you agree that a new school building and community wing is needed for Inverkeithing High School, please sign this petition to show Fife Council and the Scottish Government how the community feels and how much this is needed for local children. 

We, the community, have been hoping for a new school for decades. Enough is enough. A new building is now essential. Especially with the recent catchment review and possibility of the need for portacabins to accommodate further pupils, which would make a currently poor situation even more unacceptable.