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Help Arturo the polar bear, keep the promise for a full health check on Arturo

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Arturo the polar bear has been confined to Mendoza Zoo in Argentina for years. He has had to endure terrible conditions including high temperatures, a tiny space and dirty water. It is like a prison.

Many of us have campaigned and asked thousands of times for the authorities to carry out a full health check on Arturo and for him to be transferred to a special reserve for bears in Canada, where he will have a much higher quality of life.

So far our demands have been ignored -- but now Arturo has a new chance. There is a new government in Mendoza. The Governor of Mendoza, Alfredo Cornejo, has already announced plans to change Mendoza Zoo into an eco-park. This is a great promise and it will improve conditions the animals across the zoo.

Now we are fighting for Arturo to finally have his health examination. In the past authorities have used the excuse Arturo is too old to be transferred. We need to know if Arturo is ready to be transferred to Canada, so that he can end his days in a place where his quality of life is better.

The Governor has already said he will do this, now we must come together to make sure he keeps his promise.

Sign this petition to help Arturo the polar bear!

Together we can make it happen.

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