A New Branch of Law Enforcement Called “Referees”

A New Branch of Law Enforcement Called “Referees”

June 1, 2020
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Representative Nancy Pelosi
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kyle Covan

Please peacefully protest the death of George Floyd, racism, and unnecessary police brutality by reading and signing the following petition:

A referee in a sporting event has the authority to “blow their whistle” and to interrupt a game as soon as they see a foul on the play.

Just like referees at sporting events, we are petitioning for official referees to always be present and engaged in every social interaction between police officers and civilians.

Whether it is a 911 call, a traffic stop, or any other instance where police officers and civilians are both present, a new branch of law enforcement known as referees must be dispatched and present as well.

Referees will be trained to regulate all interactions between police officers and civilians “on the scene.”

Referees will be trained to be an autonomous, impartial, and authoritative overseer between police officers and civilians. This authority includes referees having the ultimate say and command over police officers in the midst of their interactions with civilians.

Referees will have the authority to eject and detain police officers in the act of an arrest if they are using unnecessary, cruel, or unusual force. This will prevent needless death, pain, and suffering within the police/civilian dynamic.

Referees will be trained to give police officers and civilians a valid sense of calmness and accountability while they are interacting with each other.

To promote and maintain autonomy and impartiality within this new branch of law enforcement, referees will be trained to not fraternize with other branches of law enforcement, such as police officers.

Referees will be socially approved and regulated by at least two official agencies for the sake of checks and balances. One of those agencies will be socially operated by appointed civil rights leaders within local communities.

Referees are needed to keep things fair between everyone involved within a police/civilian dynamic.

If you agree with this petition, please sign it and promote it directly within your neighborhood, city, and state as well. And if you have any constructive criticism toward making this petition better, please share your opinions.

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Signatures: 165Next Goal: 200
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