A national day of remembrance for the victims of youth violence

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Youth violence is becoming more prevalent in our society - it has spilled out into communities. With no official day acknowledging the victims, there is no national recognition of their loss, or a platform to make a unified stand against the root cause of their loss - youth violence. 

Having recently secured The National Monument Against Youth Violence & Aggression- also known as The Knife Angel, for a visit to my county, Essex. I began researching ways of empowering those whose families and lives have been catastrophically impacted by youth violence. There is nothing. Once those who are 'fortunate' enough to secure justice are finished with that process, there is no infrastructure set to support them.

I am a volunteer who founded a project for young people which promotes positivity and productivity as a way of life. As part of the shift towards positivity and productivity, we need to do something on a large scale to shift towards that change. The more lives lost, the more negative news feeds. We need to change this, as a nation. URGENTLY.

To reduce the increasing numbers of victims, and the increasing numbers of families left to cope with their catastrophic & irreversible loss, we need to urgently address the causes of perpetration. A violent personality is not something many of those caught up in violence, are typically born with. It develops as a product of a persons environment. 

This is a personal mission born out of pure respect for the lives lost due to violent youth culture, and a driving passion to make change. Youth violence directly affected my life, it made me vulnerable well into my adulthood. I am asking people across the country to join in their communities on September 25th at sunset (18:51) to remember the lives lost and ruined in their communities, and support families of those lost to youth violence in their communities to coincide with our families vigil in the presence of The Knife Angel. The vigil we are holding is for all victims of knife and gun crime in Essex - the reason for a national day on youth violence, is because it is the root of many perpetration journeys.

I have been asked why this is not a petition for a day to remember victims of all violent crime, not 'just' youth related violence. Whilst I intend to address that matter, the focus needs to begin at where violent mindsets are developing. This video was shot in a US prison. It is a powerful visual testament to the fact violence in younger years ( mental, physical and sexual) . If we address the issue of youth violence, we have begun the process of reducing violent behaviours, and ultimately victims

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