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A national campaign to end senseless acts of violence

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How many times have you been out for a drink with friends and all hell breaks loose?

Somebody knocks over a drink, bumps into you while trying to get to the bar or stares at your girlfriend the wrong way. What happens next can have a catastrophic effect on your life, but too few of us stop to think about the consequences. Increasingly, young men don’t feel like they’ve had a good night out until they’ve been in a fight. intends to start a national conversation and effect change by highlighting the dangers of increasing street violence. Join our Real Heroes Walk Away campaign today.


1) To establish a national public awareness campaign aimed at 16 to 25 year olds around the devastating impact of violence and how to extract themselves from violent situations.

2) The campaign will examine "one punch" laws in states where they have been introduced and whether a uniform set of laws around the country would be effective.

3) Call for federal funding for a national education program that is relevant, state-specific, includes mentoring and a junior sports club focus.

4) To encourage readers to join our social media campaign. This can be done by liking our Facebook page   or promoting the hashtag #heroeswalkaway on Twitter.


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