Hold animal shelters, like Griffin Pond, accountable for their lack of LEADERSHIP and CARE

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Over the past several months, Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, located in Lackawanna PA, repeatedly demonstrated  incompetence and lack of leadership in the in the animal community. 

Negative publicity with exposed truths showed the the director with ulterior motives, the humane officer was fired for unwarranted euthanizing and cruelty. Currently, despite negative publications and public outcry, Griffin Pond Animal Shelter continues to operate without proper management, proper law enforcement officers and state kennel licensing. Griffin Pond CONTINUES TO FAIL INSPECTIONS AND LIE!! Millions of dollars a renovations have been made to better Griffin Pond Animal Shelter yet, Renovations IS NOT what the shelter really needs!

We are storming Harrisburg Pennsylvania and pleading with our Governor Tom Wolf to make changes to the shelter system in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. There are no regulations outside of required law ensuring that these shelters follow pristine morals and ethics towards the animals entrusted into their care.WE ASK that proper management be established. WE ASK that board positioning REQUIRE candidates be trained and educated in the animal profession...example: veterinarian, ACO, biologist, etc. WE ASK that PUBLICALLY funded shelters have PUBLIC ELECTIONS for board positioning. WE ASK that a new "duty to act law" be passed protecting volunteers and Animal Advocates from backlash as a "whistleblower"  against  ethics and wrongdoings in the shelter setting protecting them from unnecessary retaliation, firing and/or harassment. WE ASK that ALL SHELTERS in PA be held universally accountable. WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE VOICES FOR THE ANIMALS! WE WILL NO LONGER SIT BACK!

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