A mother's love has no boundaries ❤️

A mother's love has no boundaries ❤️

15 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Marie Thomas

Hi.. I am a mum of four children within Pembrokeshire..

The reason for my petition today..

my daughter was adopted through fabrication and deceit within pshire county council and foster to forced adoption..

My daughter was five years old when she was taken on by adopters..

I later found out on her own personal page, that she was holding my child at 14 months old on her wedding photograph, if she wasn't adopted then what right did the family have to have such a personal photograph of my child..

Not to mention a portrait that was professionally done two years previous to adoption..

I was seeing my child for four years for an hour and half once a month..

I had parental rights..

This is a defamation of character.. 

This is a Violation of human rights and a right to family life..

Despite all the arguments that I have had regardless pshire county council should of never put my child with someone who lives locally, this women sells clothes on my doorstep as she lives local..

My child is also on a public forum page modelling clothes..

Thee adopter also writes very sensitive posts regarding our daughter..

Does she not think of any of us, I have feelings and daily struggles missing my child..

I had an 18 year injunction to prevent me from having any contact with my daughter..

This isn't about me and adopters this is about getting the truth out and regaining my contact with my biological child, she has siblings and a family who love her.

as this family feels so threatened as I have a bond with my child, she is a mini version of me and my children.

we had such a positive contact..

I even sat with her adopted mother and her mother who was my daughter's ex foster carer, her children and my own, had lunch together, chatting amongst ourselves thought I got on well with them despite the deceit behind closed doors..

I have met up with my daughter December and January of this year, with my own children who are thriving in my care..

After 5 years of going back and fore to court, thee adopters agreed to having contact without the interference of local authorities..

We were texting each other for few months..

The adopters kindly let me send her presents back in may but told me I'm not allowed to see her on her birthday so agreed..

As she was adopted on her birthday so they don't think about the trauma and mental health later on in adulthood, which will effect her not to mention the loss..

This was rather upsetting as I gave birth to my child and felt this is a special day..

Instead sent me photographs of my daughter saying thank you..

I also lost a rship with my eldest that I have regained after ten years, it is evidenced that therapy doctrinates children to thinking they are abused at home, when their parents only want to love and protect them..

My children were taken away from me due to domestic violence and the fact that I was sexually abused at a young age, was told by authorities, I couldn't protect myself so what makes me think I can protect my children.

My children were then put on child protection..

To later discover that my children were physically abused within saundersfoot foster carers, where they were taken to another emergency placement without my acknowledgement, police also made an investigation and they were removed from the panel, social services deny this ever happened but I have it all evidenced..

they took me to court and said I was a malicious manipulator, was told I couldn't work with local authority, so they took my children through fabrication..

These adopters have told me I could have twice a year contact but her mother who was my daughter's foster carer, also text me stating, I won't see her till she's 18, these people took on my child and adopter had a gastric sleeved operation as she couldn't walk her own children to school, good on her for dealing with her weight, but as a mother was that fare to my child to be taken and put with people who had poor health, the male adopter also had Hodgkin's lymphoma,


I was accused of mental health but never any evidence.. 

I don't have anything against adopters till they stopped my contact now they want a war!!

I will never give up on my child, I want the government to acknowledge what is going on in every county, social services are failing families and putting children into care for government funds, destroying families for their own agenda..

Hence targetted parents..

Why do adopters not put my child's best interests first this is not about us, this is about what's best for our child..

Try being a parent who works, looks after her home and children and have the total exhaustion of trying to be in my child's life.. 

Who only lives down the road..

Can people start thinking of my own child's thoughts and feelings and put her health before their own insecurities..

You are an adopter stop playing god with our child and give her the family life that she desperately needs, you have your own biological children ten months after adoption.. so it should be a mother's instinct to know this pain, it's indescribable..

Please put an end to this and let me have the contact that I have tried so hard to gain!! 

I will be putting photographs and evidence of fabrication at a later date. 

How can a foster carer, adopter and husband, 3 kids plus a foster baby live in a bungalow while fostering.. 

One rule for them and another for us 

Is the mother aware her child lives amongst six people of course not.. 

If you ask me they are over crowded!! 

I think that adoption agencies should be supporting birth families, especially if they have met their biological parents and have had a positive open adoption.

When it came to saying goodbye my daughter walked away then came back to her brother for another hug, I guess this was uncomfortable for adopters, but did they really have to stop contact.

I feel it has more to do with incentives as my daughter has a disability and don't want to lose her, which I'm only asking for contact till my daughter is old enough to make her own decisions. 

It has been said to me on a text that she wished she had my daughter alot longer, that her adopted father had cancer and that they waited for her, this will be said to my child as she's older which will create more trauma..

I couldn't believe that she openly said this through text..

We have both had arguments but I'm only reacting to her disrespect..

These adopters have just decided no I can't do it for their own selfish insecurities, I admit we have had many disputes down to them telling me I can't have three times a year contact, especially when my own children have met up with her..


Yet this is better than good enough care, sounds like a fostering to adoption business at home! 

Shouldn't adopters support their adoptee's through adult hood, letting them know where they came from, reminding them through adolescences..

This is more to do with treating her like a possession, enabling child abuse..

My daughter watching other children going into foster care and being adopted..

Is this the life they pick for my child..


Thank you all who took the time to read my petition..

I hope change comes fast, lessons need to be learnt..



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Signatures: 32Next Goal: 50
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