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Peace for all

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I was raise privileged in the safe countryside of Ontario Canada. My parents were not rich,but I didn't know that until it was pointed out to me. Life was great. I never had to worry about guns, bullets or bombs. The time I grow up was relatively peaceful. The news covered local stories about squirrels on water skis. We had the Iran hostage crisis and the threat of the USSR sending nukes our way. Even these situations were down played and didn't seem real to a young boy.  John Lennon was shot the first year of my life and a dream was loss! I was still  inundated with his message. My parents generation had the best chance to date to correct the balance,but like all great figures in history he was kill for trying to bring the world together. I believed that dream until I was old enough to see the wider world. My world got bigger but my heart grow darker. It always seemed like we just had to straighten this one spot out and world peace would be ours. Even after I saw the real state of the world I turned away from it. Viewing it as not my land not my problem. Then the towers crumbled to the ground like a castle made of sand, everything changed. I reacted like a lot of people, shock disbelief and  anger. I had assumptions from the start about who would do it. How? How did I know this, has anyone asked themselves that? I know it was Arab Muslims because I was programmed to suspect them of this kind of behaviour.  Like the little old white lady that clenches her purse when a black man walks near. Programming! Who did it and why? Look to the top of the heap to see who's throwing the shit on your head! The sovereign trinity and  Hollywood have done a great job of confusing and distracting us. So what I am asking for is the end of aggression for any reason against anyone! Bombs to be disarmed and destoryed! All world arms must be cut in size to represent a security force within their own borders.  Not controlled by the government but by a panel of randomly selected  citizens. Chosen fresh with every situations. No one person has control of the whole of the  military even top ranking soldiers answer to the public. All trials involving crimes against humanity to be fully disclosed live on all media sources. Governments will disclose all top secret files over to the people of that country. Who can then decide to lock it up or show the world. This isn't a plan to have one government world wide. The idea there it to destroy the government through  attrition. The less power at the top of the hill the ball begins to roll back in the right direction. All the governments of the world do is slow the ball down putting up road blocks and detours! The fastest direction to any one point is a straight line. Like water cutting a path through the mountains we must pour relentlessly toward peace and love. It's time to tell the leaders of this planet that we are sick of being used! We want this planet back and we want it now! No more pointless deaths. No more genocides. No more bombings of hospitals or schools. It's about the end of the media hate machine changing the words it shares. The seven deadly words have nothing on the words news repeats on the quarter. #JustineTrudeau you realize Harper is  gone because of his engagement in an American proxy war? You are on notice sir, get your shit together and stop feeding the rich! World stand up and sign this petition! We can make them listen if we hit them were it hurts the pocket book. This ones going to be tough to get commitment from enough people to cause the effect we need but there's my suggestion to changing everything. Stop cranking the machine! We are the cogs that keep the world turning! Without our production what do they have to fight for? we need the people of every country every relegion and every colour to stop what they are doing. Put down your tools of choose and walk outside the place of work. Hopefully everyone's out there by the time the bosses notice. But we need them too. If your not in the position to pay for anything and everything you want or need. You're one of us and we need you. This is a call to all mass demonstrators and none demonstrators criminals and lawyers doctors nurses and firefighters. Police office of the world you are we, we are you. Please pick the right side. We will not come with  violence but with love. Once the strike begins enjoy what life is meant to be. Socially engaging inspirational welcoming. Dancing singing and laughing. How fast could this work? Over night! #therealDonaldTrump sign this petition before you destroy the world!

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