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A Message To Police Officers and Congress

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It is the goal of this petition to make the unjustified killing of African-Americans a Hate Crime under Federal Law 18 U.S. Code § 249.

100,000 Signatures are needed by October 22nd to present this to Congress. Please sign and share for the next 4 weeks.


Before you shoot an unarmed African American, there are some things you should consider...

Before you fire on an unarmed man….there are some things…you need to consider.

Before you shoot another black teen for carrying a BB gun, there are some things you should consider.

Before you approach a black man, waiting for his son to get off the bus, and approach him with no uniform or identification, and shoot…there are some things you need to consider.

And here are those things.

Before you shoot us, there are some things you should know first.

I am black, yet beautiful.

When you take a black life unjustly, you are committing the same sin of Cain did when he murdered his brother Abel. You are murdering a life, a child of God. And if God is a just Father who loves his children, then God may avenge the death of his children with the same passion and fury.

Before you shoot, consider, I am a mother, daughter, father, son, sister, brother.

Before you shoot, take into account that you are shooting a mother or father with kids to raise. A son or daughter who has school tomorrow. A friend…who has so much to offer the world.

Before you shoot me, know that my blackness is not a weapon,

My Blackness is not a weapon.

My Blackness is not a weapon.

Blackness has never killed anybody. My blackness can't shoot you or stab you or hurt you 

My skin color is not a threat.

And my hands are up.

Before you shoot me…know that your choice will have consequences.

My child will be an orphan, my spouse will be a widow, and my mother will be heartbroken.

Before you shoot…

Before you shoot me, forget what you have seen in movies and in rap videos.

I am not a thug, I am not a gangster, I am not a criminal.

I am me.

Before you shoot, know that I am nervous…

Not because I am guilty, but because so many of my brothers and sisters have been shot.

Before you shoot.

Before you shoot know that there are other Micah Johnsons and Gavin Longs who are waiting for a reason to hurt cops. I don’t want that. But if you shoot. They might shoot too.

Before you shoot, know that the power is in your hands. The power of life and death. And with that power…you can serve and protect…or kill.

Before you shoot, remember Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, and the hundreds of others who were shot. Remember the tears of their mothers and fathers, friends and families.

Before you shoot…imagine if I was your brother or son…

Imagine if I was white.

Before you shoot, think about how your life will change. You will see me in your dreams and nightmares. And see yourself in the news.

Think about me…and my ancestors. How they were treated, beat and bruised, enslaved and shackled. And see the suffering of generations in my eyes.

Therefore, before you shoot…think twice. Because you might not need to. I am a person, just like you.

Officer…I know your job is hard.

But believe me. Being black is hard too.

Before you shoot…



Please sign, share, and print. Send printed version to your local police chief and/or department.


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