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FIRE! University of Utah Hospitals & Clinic Administration for failing healthcare workers!

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On 26 Jul 2017, Alex Wubbels, an ER nurse from the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, was arrested for following hospital policy and looking out for the rights of her patient. This tragic incident was witnessed by police officers, security officers, and hospital administrators who were present. Yet, none of them, to include hospital administrators, made mention of the incident until a video of the tragic event went viral on 31 Aug 2017, more than a month after the incident.

An internal and/or local incident? NO! As evidenced by the worldwide reaction to the video online this incident is clear evidence of our great nation's silent national crisis--healthcare directed violence. A violence that has become more frequent, more brazen and more violent, regardless the perpetrators. Making matters worse, a violence healthcare administrators rather cover up than expose as it tarnishes their organization's public image and jeopardizes the administration's goal of customer retention [for profits]. An IDIOT-ology [sic] administrators perpetuate by any means necessary and at the cost and LOSS of so much.

Making matters worse, healthcare administrators at University of Utah Health, ALL, knowing this happened on 26 Jul 2017. Yet NONE of them did anything to make the public aware such a disturbing incident had happened against those helping others, healthcare workers. Again, an internal and/or local incident? NO! But even if considered an internal and/or local incident the University of Utah Health administration made NO attempt to notify their own organization of the incident until it went public.

How does an outsider know the administration made NO attempt to notify the organization? The ONLY official statement of the incident was signed on 1 Sep 2017 at 10:50 am by University of Utah Health administrators, Gordon Crabtree (CEO), Dan Lundergan (COO), and Margaret Pearce (CNO), the day after the viral video was released to the public. Ironically, the administration's statement titled, "Nurse Alex Wubbels: Reaction and Message from Nursing and Hospital Administration" ( where the nurse, the ONLY casualty of this horrific incident, was singled out by name as if the nurse were the "problem" that needs to be fixed.

This is NOT the first incident healthcare administrators downplay. On 13 May 2017, a nurse was kidnapped, brutally assaulted, and savagely raped while at work caring for others.

On 14 Jun 2017, a nurse was stabbed 11 times while at work caring for others.

On 27 Jun 2017, a doctor in Australia dies after punched in the face on 31 May 2017 while at work caring for others.

Those horrific incidents but a single drop in the ocean of the same incidents that occur every day against those helping others, healthcare workers.

Making matters worse, healthcare administrators are magicians at making those incidents disappear as insignificant. Those disgusting incidents making their rounds online and in the media for a few days before NO longer on anyone's mind.

Because of those tragic events being ignored, over and over and over, it is time to  STop Assaults on Medical Providers (#STAMP)!

While the police officer was wrong for arresting this healthcare worker for doing her job I am asking Utah Governor, Richard Herbert, and Univesity of Utah Health CEO, Dr. A. Lorris Betz, to FIRE! the administration at University of Utah Health for their negligence in protecting the safety and welfare of their employees and their intentional downplaying of this horrific and tragic incident against a healthcare worker at work.

On or about 26 Jul 2017, CEO Gordon Crabtree, COO Dan Lundergan, and CNO Margaret Pearce were well aware of the brutal assault of a healthcare worker at work advocating for her patient. Yet, NONE of them did anything about it until the day after that a video of the gut-wrenching incident went viral online via social media.

A petition ( in the healthcare worker's name was started to seek justice for the healthcare worker involved in the incident. A petition which accumulated almost 200,000 signatures within the first 48 hours the petition went public.

This petition seeking the FIRING of administrators can do the same.

Why do CEO Gordon Crabtree, COO Dan Lundergan, and CNO Margaret Pearce need to be FIRED?

For their negligence to protect the safety and welfare of their employees as evident by the University of Utah Health's official statement linked above and signed by CEO Gordon Crabtree, COO Dan Lundergan, and CNO Margaret Pearce with the following words as evidence they knew and did NOTHING!

"It is important to note that during this incident, nursing and hospital administration were present and actively working to find a solution ultimately leading to the release of Nurse Wubbels. Within hours of the incident taking place, nursing and hospital administration also called a meeting with our law enforcement partners to express our concern and seek better solutions for future instances. Since the event took place, we have continued to work with local law enforcement to create a clear policy that, during similar instances, allows for open communication with hospital administrators while protecting our colleagues who directly care for patients."

Those words expressing their knowledge of the incident, if NOT on 26 Jul 2017 at least their subordinate nursing and administration administrators were aware as the latter were present during the incident. Regardless, it should NOT have taken a viral video, more than a month later, for the administration to respond.

Thus, CEO Gordon Crabtree, COO Dan Lundergan, and CNO Margaret Pearce failed their employees and EVERY healthcare worker on this planet. That being the reason they need to be FIRED. Administrators are responsible and obligated to protect their employees while those employees are at work. Yet the above administrators, as so many in healthcare, FAILED at that simple task and ignored this horrific and tragic event ever took place until it became public! Not to mention, they did NOT even provide the linked letter/information to their involved and uninvolved employees until 1 Sep 2017.

If they FAILED us ALL over the police, in this incident, what makes us think we can trust them if one of their employees is KIDNAPPED, BRUTALLY ASSAULTED, AND SAVAGELY RAPED at work while helping others?

CEO Gordon Crabtree, COO Dan Lundergan, and CNO Margaret Pearce FAILED us ALL! ALL OF US! All of us around the world! Because of that, they need to be FIRED! If not FIRED, this and similar tragic incidents like this one and others will only continue to happen again, and again, and again, as long as NO one is held responsible! STOP HURTING US! WE ARE HELPING OTHERS!

Isn’t it sad the industry on the forefront of fighting domestic violence, healthcare, finds itself in an abusive relationship, to include administrators justifying the violence and siding with those who are abusive towards us?

Healthcare workers are the planet's largest workforce and trusted as the most honest profession and with the greatest ethical standard of any industry. The time of being submissive and allowing others to walk all over us has LONG passed. Now is the time for us to show our might in numbers and take healthcare back from those who have taken us down the wrong tracks! We MUST do it ourselves and for ourselves; as it is the responsibility of healthcare workers and NO one else's to cultivate our profession and steer it in the right direction without compromising healthcare workers or patients.

Thank you for listening and please sign the petition and share with others.



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