Pearson Edexcel - Scrap the C4 Exam!

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Dear Pearson,

 With the news of the alleged leak of the C4 exam paper, it has left many students feeling they are at an unfair disadvantage and it could potentially cost their place at university. A spokesman stated, “We have established processes in place to ensure no students will be advantaged or disadvantaged in any way”. In truthful fact, there is no possible way to distinguish between those who had prior access and those who didn’t. Around 50,000 students sat the exam and say, for instance, 100 students got hold of the paper beforehand. These students would most definitely inform their friends and the number who had access to it could be as high as 10,000 (1 in 5 students). It’s a simple domino effect. As a student, I myself can assure you if I had access to the paper I would have told all my friends and family members all sitting the paper, which alone could have been up to 50 students. There simply are no measures that can be taken to make the test fair, due to the security breach. Pearson may decide to look at averages of a student's grades over the modules and check if the C4 result was an anomaly. But, there could be circumstances where the student tried especially hard for C4. The dilemma the exam board faces is that they have no right to say a student should not have achieved a certain grade, as every student sitting the paper would be in different situations. Not only will the grade boundaries be excessively high, but this would affect both those aiming for A* and those who felt they put enough effort in for a C grade. Therefore, there is only one logical decision left, which is to completely scrap the C4 exam and base the overall Maths grade over the 5 modules,  C1, C2, C3, M1 and S1 (last two modules differing depending on what the school chose). There is no option for us to re-sit the exam as many students have gone on holiday and they should not be forced to come back and do an exam which you lay guilty for making available to others. Likewise, you may claim that those signing the petition are only the students who didn’t do so well in the paper.  This is a petition from all Maths students as we are all affected, and sadly have to stress about our exam even during our well-deserved holiday. I hope you take action with the scrapping of the C4 exam - it is the only way in which the exam board would ensure that the playing field is levelled again, as your spokesperson stated.

 Yours hopefully,

A concerned student.

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