A letter to @ElonMusk regarding Internet Outage in Iran

A letter to @ElonMusk regarding Internet Outage in Iran

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Started by Shahjaa

Dear Mr. Elon Musk,              12.05.2022

Ref: Internet outage in Iran

Following the 1979 revolution, Iran became the Islamic Republic. This regime is a theocratic dictatorship and has, for the last four decades, disregarded all human rights including women’s rights, gay rights as well as social and political freedom.
The crimes against humanity which include executions of political opponents, torture, assassination, rape as well as discrimination and persecution of religious minorities have been fully documented by the U.N and various human rights organizations. The terror activities and sponsorship of Islamist terror groups and their nuclear ambitions with the ultimate destruction of Israel is a concern for the region and beyond.
With the advancement and progression of technology, dictators are finding it hard to conceal their crimes and forcing their civilians into silence. The widespread use of mobile phones allows no hiding place for dictators.
In December 2017 and November 2019, the Iranian people rose against the dictatorship of the Islamic Republic. Unarmed civilians were met with deadly force from the Islamic Revolutionary Guards and militia resulting in deaths and injuries. The government reported a few hundred ‘looters’ had been killed in November 2019. Some Western media reported over 1500 casualties.  A leaked letter from the Interior Ministry of the Islamic Republic in January 2020 reported over 4,700 civilian deaths.

The civilians were unarmed and many of the dead were young teenagers protesting for freedom and a better life.
As per protocol, all internet access for the entire country was disabled preventing any communication between the civilians in other regions and more importantly, silencing the death toll and hiding the atrocities of the Islamic Republic. Unarmed civilians were killed in the streets of Iran with impunity.
Due to the deep-rooted and endemic corruption, incompetence as well as gross mismanagement by the Islamic Republic, the Iranian economy is on the verge of implosion.
Bread is now rationed. Water shortages, due to disastrous government policies, have now crippled the country.
During the past three days, civilians in multiple cities in Iran have once again taken to the streets demanding the overthrow of this theocratic dictatorship. Once again, access to the internet has been severely restricted.
We kindly request that for the sake of humanity, freedom, and democracy you will consider providing the civilians in Iran, fighting for a better future, access to the internet so that they may be able to communicate with each other and more importantly be able to upload any footages of atrocities on the internet so that the free world will be aware of the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Islamic Republic.

Shahjaa is the Convergence Council of Iranian Movements. Our principles are based on liberty, freedom, and democracy. Our declaration is as follows;
1.  The end of the rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
2.  The security of Iran and its borders.
3.  Adherence to the convention of human rights, freedom, and democracy
4.  The free and transparent national referendum to decide the form of governance in Iran.
Kind regards,
Mr. Afshin Payravi (Head of International Relations, SHAHJAA)
Dr. Nader Fallah (International Relations, SHAHJAA).

59 have signed. Let’s get to 100!